Your Ultimate Guide to Hen Party Favours

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Like us, you might have struggled to find any clear advice or information about hen party favours. You know it’s got something to do with gift bags and novelty presents, but that’s about it.

All you’re looking for is a brief on: what they are, who to give them to and what to actually give, so that you can master this expected hen party custom and avoid making any mistakes.  

Help is here

To clear things up, we’ve created a complete manual of the what, who and why of hen party favours. We’ve even put together some fantastic ideas for hen party bag fillers to help you create the perfect party favours that’ll stun your hens.

Stick with us and you’ll discover everything you need to know about hen do favours.

What are hen party favours?

Essentially, hen party favours are personal gift bags given to your hen party — a bit of a “Thank you for coming”, gesture. Usually, the bride puts together and gives these. However, her chief bridesmaid might take on the role, if her duties call for it.

Think back to those birthday parties you went to when you were little. At the end, you’d always get a goodie bag filled with stuff like: mini Rolos, gummy sweets, stick-on tattoos, a tube of blowing bubbles, and something glow-in-the-dark. Basically, a bag of Christmas cracker prizes, but you loved it. And we still do. Times have swiftly swept on from plastic toys and bulk-buy confectionary. Now, there’s a lot expected from your hen party gift bags and there’s a huge range of fillers available to suit the tone of your hen party.

Who are receives these hen party favours?

All the hens that attend your hen party! This is why it’s crucial that you really think about who’s coming and what they’d like. The true art of favour-fillers is to make them age and taste appropriate to please everyone — unless you have a niche guestlist or open-minded elders.

You could even tweak individual gift bags to suit the recipient, especially if some people are heading with you on the hen night out and some are just coming for a few drinks and games beforehand.

What should I include in my hen party gift bag?

A bag of goodies for adults to enjoy at the hen do; hen party favours can be as funny, cheeky and elaborate as you like. From cheap and cheerful to personal and sentimental, this is your chance to have some fun and show people how much you care.

There’s a huge range of fillers available for hen party gift bags. Since these are given during the lively party atmosphere, hen party favours often consist of both personalised presents to keep and novelty items for the night.

From customised photo frames to stick-on moustaches, we suggest a variety of hen do favour ideas. And you can find some of the very best right here.

How to make the ideal hen party favours gift bag


Like your childhood goodie bags, no hen party favours are complete without confectionary. Sweets are ideal for keeping the energy up throughout your party — especially if you're heading out for the evening!

What’s even better, is that our range of tasty sweets come in personalised containers for you to create your own special gift for your hens. These include: pots filled with mini jelly beans, vintage jars with dolly mixtures, cute boxes with Love Hearts, and luxury cubes with flying saucers. Featuring individual stickers you can apply at home, there’s plenty of space for you to personalise with a “Thank you” message or the date and venue of your party.  

Why not scatter some colour in your gift bag with a selection of separate, old-favourite sweets, too? Grab some candy necklaces, Drumstick lollies, Flump marshmallows, and Refresher chew bars — they’ll go down a treat after a few drinks.


The staple of any good diet; chocolate is a crowd-pleaser that suits hen party favours perfectly. Our customised chocolate bars come in tasty packs of ten, and you can choose your own message plus a selection of styles for the wrapper — from hangover themes to pretty flower designs.

If you’ve got a funny selfie or a great group photo of your hens, you can even add a snapshot on the wrapping, instead!


It’s essential that you and your party look your absolute best on the night. So, make sure you include a good assortment of beauty items to keep the team looking great for the duration.

Some essentials we like are: gel foot cushions, eye make-up corrector pens, and detangle brushes (especially for the backcombers in the group). For the morning after, why not throw in some pampering goodies such as: face primers, mud masks, cocoa buttercream, and foot lotions?

Everyone loves something they can keep, so beauty and pampering gifts are perfect to add some longevity to your hen party favours range!


Time for the fun part. No matter how classy and sophisticated you want your hen party gift bag fillers to be, there’s always room for a bit of fun. Nobody likes a boring bag, so why not throw in mini shot glasses, blowing bubbles (like old times) and stick-on moustaches? You might want to include things like glow bracelets, head boppers and special ‘Hen Partybadges to make sure you can easily find your hens if you get parted when you’re out.

Gift Wrap

Now that the hard bit is done and your bag is full; don’t fall at the last hurdle. Forget what’s on the inside. How these hen party gifts look on the outside is just as important.

Our colourful range of gift wrap and boxes puts the perfect finishing touch on all your hard work, and we even offer personalised gift bags to really highlight your special event for all to see! Make your bag pop with a satin curly gift bow, add some mystique with our classy black tissue paper, or keep everything in order with our heart-shaped gift tags.  


If you have a chief bridesmaid (I know someone who had three), she’s probably done a fair bit to help organise your hen do. So, why not treat her to something special as a symbol of your gratitude? There are other hen party favour ideas you can consider for close friends and relatives, including:  

  • Customised photo frame with a snapshot of you and each hen
  • Miniature bottles of their favourite spirit
  • Wine glass charm
  • Gift voucher for her favourite shop
  • Engraved bracelet or necklace
  • Small bottle of perfume

Any or all of the above is bound to make your hens feel special and appreciated. Now you know all about hen party favours and have at least some ideas for party bag fillers. But remember; your guests are coming to your hen party for you, not the gifts, so try not to worry about it! You know your hens best, so just include anything that means something to you and them, and you’ll be fine.

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