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    Everybody needs to know that a hen party's going on and the bride to be needs to be treated like a queen. The best way to make sure everybody knows where the hen parties at is to put up a large hen party banner!

    A hen party banner lets people know straight away what's going on and also helps the whole party to feel a part of something special and of course it decorates the room to create the right atmosphere. There are many types of hen party banners available and they are available in different sizes and to suit all budgets. Hen night banners are often not expensive and are a staple hen night party decorative item.

    You may want to invest in a larger banner than usual which will cost you slightly more, some of these can also be personalised with the bride to be's name. Personalised hen night banners are an appealing decoration. You may to buy the usual pink banner that is cheap and attractive these often feature hen night party related images such as l plates or shoes. Most hen night party banners are a great size and can be cut into three individual hen night signs so you can decorate more efficiently.