Hen Party Sweets

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    A hen party gift bag should contain lots of things that are fun, useful and edible. Here at hen party superstore we know it's important to build the right atmosphere for your bride to be. We have searched for the best gift bag sweetie fillers that we can find.

    Hen Party Sweetie Fillers

    We have love hearts a classic choice with fizz that tells your hens you love them. We have flumps the squashy fat free friend with lots of taste. We even have the old school favorites rainbow drops. With so much choice you can choose the sweets that suit your hen girls. Are they fizzy and fun, flirty and juicy or lovable and soft. 

    So Cheap And Easy

    It's never an easy task creating a gift bag for 10+ girls, what to do? and how to get it as cheap as possible? With our easy- pack hen party gift bags you can easily choose your bag and its filling. Sweets are a great part for your gift bags they are sooo cheap and useful to. The girls with definitely enjoy these sweets as they take a trip down memory lane remembering the old double dip sherbet stick and more!