Hen Party Gift Bags


    There’s no better way of saying “Thank you” to all the girls at your hen party than to surprise them with a thoughtful and entertaining hen party gift bag. If they’ve helped organise the event and moved around their schedules to make sure they could make it, then they deserve something nice.

    Our selection of hen party gift bags and boxes come in a range of style and sizes, from pale pink and polka dot designs, to bags with bold stickers you place on yourself. If you want your hens to have fun and feel appreciated, fill one of our hen do goodie bags with a few special treats.

    What size and style gift bag do I need?

    Here’s some advice on creating the perfect hen party goodie bag. Pick your party bag size — keeping in mind what you’re putting in. There’s nothing worse than your special gifts rattling around in an oversized bag or bursting out of one that’s too small! Where will you be going with them? You want to make your bags are light and easy to carry if the girls will be hauling them around for a long time. But if you’re dishing them out at your house, the options are (nearly) endless. Now for style, we have lots on offer in a range of colours. From jet-black gift bags with bright pink ‘Hen Party’ stickers that are ideal for a few cheeky gifts, to pastel gift boxes with heart designs that are perfect for sentimental presents. So, check out our range to find the style and size goodie bags that suit your hen party best.

    How to fill the perfect hen party gift bag

    Now, the fun begins. What you fill your hen party gift bags with is totally up to you — but you might want to think about these few hen party goodie bag tips.

    How to create the ultimate hen party gift bag:

    1. Choose something for your hens to wear. This could be a sash, badge and pair of boppers for the night out. Or even a personalised hoodie and pyjamas to keep.

    2. Next choose some hen party sweets to boost your hens’ energy, such as lollipops, heart sweets, or mini chocolates.

    3. Then add some novelty toys or beauty items. Mini water pistols, pots of bubbles, lip balms, and mud masks are usually popular among hens.

    4. No hen do goodie bag is complete without a hen night game. Choose from our stickers, dare cards, scavenger hunt games, and more!

    5. Add a few drinking accessories (which always go down a treat!). You could put in some cocktail stirrers, cheeky straws, or hen night shot glasses.

    6. Finish by deciding which hen do gift bag style and colour fits your presents and suits your party.

    With this perfect hen party gift bag combo, you’re onto an entertaining hen do night that everyone will remember.