Personalised Hen Party Stickers

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    Stickers, you may think, are a rather redundant hen party accessory; 'Why would I need stickers for my hen party?', you might ask yourself. Because we know hen parties best, we know exactly how stickers can come to good use, and will be sharing our ideas, to show you just how versatile these fun little self-adhesive favours can be.

    Friends Stick Together: Hen Party Stickers

    As a nice little analogy, think of the stickers as a symbol of friendship with the hens. You've invited them to celebrate with you, because you want them to be there, and because they mean something to you, making stickers, above all, symbolic. Personalised hen party stickers are extra special, because they can be kept as mementos, stuck into hen party scrapbooks, and will always remind people of the great time they had. You can use personalised hen party stickers to decorate plain gift bags, which you will fill with all sorts of wonderful goodies and give to your hens. See our selection of Gift Bags and Gift Bag Fillers.

    Brand Your Stationary: Customised Stickers

    Hen party planning can take its toll, so at least kit yourself out with some attractive hen party stationary to motivate you. Simply head to a stationary store and buy some plain pens, cheap textured paper, envelopes, and folders, and stock up on lots of affordable hen party stickers. Use these to brand your sheets of paper and folders, to seal your invitation envelopes, and wrap them around your pens. This stationary could then come in handy when playing hen party games.

    Healthy Appetite? Stick to It: Personalised Stickers

    These next uses for stickers will tempt you away from the diets and towards the healthy appetite all women have at heart. Don't be afraid to indulge in delicious finger sandwiches, cupcakes, and cheese and pineapple sticks, and adorn your hen party platter with sticker food picks! All you need to do is stick two personalised stickers back-to-back, with the food pick in between them; your buffet will be transformed. If you are saving on glassware, use the stickers to decorate plain plastic cups, and stick them to Kilner jars or sweet bags as a seal, and to mark the occasion! Sweet favours make great keepsakes, so it's worth investing in a few stickers for this reason. They're affordable, they're versatile, and look blooming fantastic, thanks to our expert in-house designers. See our free Hen Party Food Recipes and our Hen Party Tableware to finish off the dining experience.