10 Easy Tips To Create a Balloon Display!

Make a Great Balloon Display for your hen night or wedding!

In this second part of Hen Party Balloons I will give you 10 easy tips to create the perfect balloon display for your wedding or hen party. These 1o easy balloon displaying instructions will help your balloons go from yuck to LOOK!

The most glamorous  and popular hen night display is a set of three helium latex balloons on a weight.  These can be put on the tables, at the entrance or on the food table.  If you wanted a different number of balloons you can easily apply the same concepts to any display.

1. Planning- when to blow and prepare your balloons is crucial. Helium balloons have to be cared for! They wont last over night like balloons filled with air. You need to blow these up and display them on the day. They will last fresh for 8-10 hours (sorry to repeat myself it's just that important!)

2. Choose the right balloons- Choose two plain balloons and a patterned balloon like the second image below,  it is so much more effective than a block of all the same colour. Or go for the two tone effect. Two light colour and one dark or visa- versa.

 3. Blow up your balloons properly- the worst thing for a balloon decorator at a party to see is badly blown up balloons. All your latex balloons should be exactly the same size 11" approx. It is best to have your balloons blown up by a professional who has the right equipment. It saves a lot of effort, time and money after taking all the popped balloons into account! A local balloon shop will have the right equipment to do this and all your balloons will be the same size. They also should tie on the ribbon for you.

 4.  Low sealing -You should be given your balloons in some sort of large bag. Remember to work in a small room with low flat ceilings, high spiky ceilings are a real problem. Open the bag carefully and take out 1 of the balloons pick the lowest balloon that will go on the weight.

5.  Don't block the view-Take the end of the ribbon and tie it onto the weight you will want to have it about high enough not to block anybodies view over the table when sitting down (about 50cm). Don't tie the balloons on too tightly just in-case you need to rearrange them. Some professions tie the ribbons onto the balloons in such away that the ribbon next to the balloon will slide this enable you to readjust the height of the balloon without having to take it off and retie it.

6. Don't let the ribbon touch- Take the second balloon for the display out of the bag, tie the balloon onto the weight. You need the second balloon to just touch the 1st balloon. The second balloon will sit about a 3rd down the 1st balloon. *Top Tip- make sure the ribbon of the second balloon does not touch the first balloon.

 7 Follow the steps above- for the third balloon. Remember the ribbon of the third balloon should not touch the second balloon. Stand back and check it all looks even readjust anything that may need it.

8. Curl the ribbons- that come from the balloons - use a pair of scissors unopened- the more pressure you put onto the ribbon the more curl it will give you. Don't forget to curl the ribbon on the weight as well.

9. Remember- if you are transporting the balloons to be very careful- they will tangle very easily. You may also want to put them in separate bags. It is a good idea to take spare balloons and ribbon with you to the venue.

 10. Set the balloons up- they usually go in the center of the table. One on every table is the most popular option. 

Some interesting links for extra help/ distributors and training- 

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For hints and tips check out the balloon decorating facebook page

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Good luck if you have any questions please leave me a message below! 

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