Free Hen Party Games For A Night To Remember

Every hen party needs some fun and exciting games! View our selection of free hen party games which will help everyone at your hen party get involved and have a night to remember!

You can use the games however is suitable to you and your party, you may need to adapt them here and there. Please email us with any other games you think we should include in this list!


  • The Chocolate Game

As most women love to eat chocolate we thought this game was a winner. The aim of the game is to eat the most chocolate.

You will need to prepare a large slab of chocolate such as dairy milk (the bigger the better); you will also need a knife, fork, washing-up gloves and underpants (or other items).

The party sits in a circle and each girl takes a turn to role the dice! When a 6 is thrown the person has to put on the gloves the pants on their head then use the knife and fork to cut off a square of chocolate, which is annoyingly hard and difficult to cut.

Everybody keeps throwing the dice and when somebody else throws a six you have to stop eating the chocolate and give them their turn. The item must be worn and only a few cubes can be eaten at a time not a whole chunk. You often find you don't have enough time to eat hardly anything. This game really brings out the fighting nature of women especially those who love their chocolate!

Keep playing until all the chocolate has gone or add more if everybody is having fun.

  • Kiss The Hunk

A twist on the classic game 'Pin the tale on the donkey!'

Print of a picture of a hunk or buy a poster of the bride-to-be's favorite movie star or singer. The bigger the picture the better the game will work.

Have your poster up at the venue so all your guests can feast their eyes on him. Once you're ready to play the game pass around a few brightly coloured lipsticks and get the girls to apply lots of it. Blind fold them in turn and ask them to try and kiss the hunk on the lips. Make sure they don't cheat and the blindfold is really tight; also don'e be afraid to spin them around a few times to.

It is a great idea to section off the picture into different areas, certain areas can lead to treats, or dares, or points. You could draw them on lightly to make them clear to you. You can also write the girls name next to the kiss to see who wins at the end.

Why not give the winner the picture of the gorgeous hunk as her prize.

  • Pass The Bouquetbouquet of flowers

This game is taken from one of the best moments of any great wedding 'throwing the bouquet' and is a twist on the classic party game pass the parcel.

For this game you will need a cd player (preferably with very cheesy love songs) and a bouquet of flowers (fake will be better and cheaper).

You then need to ask all the girls to stand in a circle facing outwards. The person controlling the music needs to have her back towards the circle so she doesn't know what's going on behind her! (well maybe sometimes).

She will then start to play the music and the bouquet will be passed around the circle. The music will stop suddenly and the person holding the bouquet is eliminated from the game. The last person standing holding the bouquet is the winner. You could also give out forfeits dares to those caught holding the bouquet.

  • Wedding Dress Creations

What is the most important part of any wedding? The reason you go? The one thing you really want to see? The wedding dress right?

This game lets your creative juices flow and lets you design the ultimate wedding dress for the bride-to-be, using the finest materials you can find around the house bin bags, tissue paper, cello-tape, toilet rolls etc. Well it may not be as glamorous as she wanted but it will be fun.

Split the girls into two teams and give them each a separate room and some supplies such as bin bags and toilet rolls. Tell them they have a bout 10-15 minutes to create a wedding dress and to model the dress on one of the members of that team. Tell the bride-to-be to judge which one is best and then awards and dares can be given out.

Alternatively- blindfold the bride-to-be and create a dress and make her look as stupid or nice as desired. You can then send pictures of her to her groom-to-be or take her to a public place to really get a laugh!

  • True Or False

How well do you know the bride to be? What interesting or naughty things would people just love to know about her? This game really puts the attention on the bride-to-be! Well where else should it be at her hen party?

Before the night prepare about 20 facts about the hen- some true and others not true. They could be very risque things or things she would hate for others to know (she will forgive you). Make sure the false facts are close to reality so they don't obviously stick out.

On the night give out the girls the sheets of paper and ask them to mark them true or false. Then let them score each others paper which will cause more laughter. Be ready for a prize and a dare for the winner and the looser! Remember you could also do one for the groom as well if you're brave enough!

  • Playdoh Pictionary

The funny alternative to pictionary is lots of fun and really is a laugh!

You will need a large pack of playdoh or plasticine. Two trays or a table, and some words that are centred around weddings, such as- Men, Love, Wedding Cake, Church, Wedding Dress, Bride, Plane, Beach, Bed, etc

Split the group into two teams and then ask one person from each team to come forward. Show the two people what the word is and ask them to create that word out of playdoh without talking. When they are ready say go- the rest of the team have to guess and first to guess gets a point. The team that guesses the most right in the time given wins!

  • Guess Who's Bag

Need a little help getting your girls to relax and have more fun getting to know each other? This is a perfect game to start the night off.

Ask everyone to take three items out of their handbag and place them into a paper/plastic bag supplied by you and make sure the others don't see. During the evening number the bags and give them a sheet of paper with numbers on.

Ask them to look at the bags and to guess who they might belong to and to write the girls name next to the correlating number. get ready with a dare for the girl that scores the least and a prize for the girls that scores the most!

  • I Have Never...!

Here is another great game to start the night and to help people get to know each other and feel more comfortable.

Have some dares written down or in your head- something that a few people can do all at once is ideal.

Tell the girls to sit in a circle and to say "I Have Never......!" (then they add something they have never done before. If any body at the hen party has done it then they have to complete a dare. You then go around the room and let everyone have a turn.

You could also have the ones that have done it move one space to the right- causing chaos as you could get up to 5 people sitting on the same chair. The first person back to their chair and to complete the circle wins.

  • Banned Words Game!

A great game for when you're out and about and in fact you can play this one all night while still having fun with out other games.

Create your own swear box and decide as a group what words are banned.- you may choose one or more than one. This could be the grooms, or bride-to-be's  name or something like drink!

Each time someone says the banned word a punishment such as a truth or dare must be fixed. The punishment can be predetermined or though up on the spot.

As the night progresses the dare will get funnier and funnier when they are made up on the spot!

  • Memory Hen Party Game

This is a great game to play at a venue or in your home. If you enjoy memory games this is the one for you!

Tell the girls to sit in a circle and they need to take turns saying "I went to (bride-to-be's name) wedding and there was....." The funnier and naughtier the better the the next person has to say the same thing and then add one of her own. This keeps on going until someone forgets what was at the wedding and they can't keep it going any longer.

You may need to have a few dares waiting , or give everybody 2 chances and then give out the dare.

  • Chink and Drinkchinking glasses

A perfect ice-breaker game, and a fun way to introduce yourselves and get to know everybody, if you don't already!

The idea of Chink and Drink is to get to know everyone quickly and easily, and is a great way to keep up on the drinking! When somebody calls "Chink and drink if you went to school with the bride", or "Chink and drink if you met the bride at work", those who belong to that group will chink their glasses and take a sip of their drinks.

Here are some suggestions, but you can add your own, as this game is virtually limitless:

- Chink and drink if you met the bride through the groom
- Chink and drink if you've seen the bride naked
- Chink and drink if you're the bride's family
- Chink and drink if you've known the bride for over 10 years
- Chink and drink if you know the bride's dirtiest secret

If somebody is the only person in the group, they have nobody to chink with, and therefore must accept a penalty, such as a dare, or an extra shot!

You can even set the bride up, with "Chink and drink if you're getting married next month", knowing that she will be the only one!

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