Where's Wally Fancy Dress

Where's Wally was first published in 1987 and is a popular child hood memory for many.  If you are searching for a fancy dress theme from the 80's or based on a book character this theme is a top pick!

The where's wally fancy dress theme hit the fancy dress scene earlier this year. It is such a easy look to produce and it's relatively cheap too. It's instantly recognizable and is totally relaxed and silly! Where is wally?

Choose from a number of accessories, a striped top and hat are a standard must. Everything else can be mixed and matched. Choose a blue tutu, shorts or blue leggings. Choose from striped leg warmers or blue leg warmers.  You can even match it all with a toy dog called woof with a striped scarf.

If you want to get really serious about your Where's Wally fancy dress costume you could be Wenda, Where's Wally's girlfriend or her twin sister Wilma!  It might be a good idea to pursued someone to be  Where's Wally's arch enemy Odlaw who is featured in the books and wear's black and yellow stripes.

Going out in this funny outfit with a group of friends will really bring a smile to every-bodies faces.  And the question on their lips will be where's wally?

Click on the link to see if you can find Wally in 60 seconds or less!


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