What To Do On A Hen Party In London

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Planning a hen party? If you happen to be hosting your event in the most exciting city in Britain, you have a lot of options. Whether you want an exciting activity or just a night on the town, there's certain to be something for you. If you live in London, you already know the best places to go. It might surprise you to learn that there are hidden gems that could appeal to you. Alternately, you if you're heading to the city for a weekend or so, you need to know what you can do there. Never fear, because we have compiled some of the best London-centric hen party ideas.


  1. Try the B.O.N.D Girls Experience


If you haven't heard about the B.O.N.D Girl Experience just yet, you are missing out big time. Over the course of two to four hours, your hen party will no longer be just a group of ladies; you will be spies. Your mission commander will guide you through each task and tell you what to do. When you complete a mission, you get a reward! With prizes galore and loads of tasks, this event is sure to be a hit with your friends.


  1. See a musical together


Fancy a girly singalong? There are a few choice musicals that you might want to see in the West End. From Legally Blonde to Dirty Dancing, many chick flicks are now massive musical shows. Why not add a little fun to the occasion? You and your friends could dress up as characters from the show you attend. That way, when you hit the town afterward, everyone will know where you have been. Try to get tickets in advance so that you can save lots of money.


  1. Have a classy afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a British tradition, and who are you to break it? If you're feeling a little classy, why not head to one of the best hotels in town and have some scones? From the Teanamu Chaya Teahouse to the Sanctum Soho, there are many places you might want to try. If you are making an entire weekend of the event, you can start the day with some tea and cake. After all, if you want to keep going all weekend long, you need some relaxation now and then.


  1. See the sights


Are you new to London? Well, there are many world-class attractions you should see in the Big Smoke. Of course, you will want to see London Bridge and Big Ben on your travels. During the day, why not map out a route for you and your friends? Make sure you take your camera with you. There will be plenty of photo opportunities as you are walking around the city.


  1. Hire an entire party bus

Girls celebrating on a hen night

Who wants to walk when you can have a bus take you everywhere? We're not talking about hopping on a standard bus to get somewhere. If you want to have an incredible time, why not hire an entire bus for your event? In London, there are loads of transport companies you might want to try for yourself. Make sure that you get loads of extras with the bus. Before you book your bus, you need to ask what you get as part of the package deal. Some companies will include a free glass of bubbly and even a DJ. Always ask in advance!


  1. Try some burlesque dancing


Are you feeling a little flirty? If you and your friends want to have a giggle together, you might just love this idea. There are plenty of burlesque clubs in the city that you might like to try. During the day, these clubs tend to offer lessons to amateurs. If you book a class for you and your friends, you could learn the art of seduction in no time at all. These events tend to be quite popular, and so you need to book them quite a lot in advance.  


  1. Try perfume making


Do you smell sweet like an angel? If you want to create an individual scent, you might wish to take a shot at perfume making. This original idea is one of the most exciting ways to spend a day in the capital city. When you first get to the session, you will get a chance to discuss your ideas. Next, it's up to you to blend an original fragrance. We're sure all your mates will love creating a signature scent too.


  1. Have a photo shoot


If you want a day full of pampering and luxury, you might wish to book a photo shoot. Again, there are companies in London that offer this package deal. Your group could get makeovers and have a bespoke shoot. If you want to keep some of the prints, you may have to pay a small fee. It will be worth it. Imagine how pleased your husband-to-be will be when you give him a beautiful portrait. 


  1. Go on the London Eye


Warning: This idea is not for people with a fear of heights. When you are in London, there is just one thing that you need to do. The London Eye is iconic and thrilling. If you want to see the city from above, there is no better way to do so. Take your entire party on this ride and get some snaps from the greatest of heights. This idea is an excellent way to finish your weekend trip.

The London Eye

  1. Head to a fancy spa

Some of the best spas in London include Aman Spa and the ever-popular Spa at The Dorchester. If you want to chill out before your wedding day, you should book a spa day for you and your friends. You might even want to treat yourself to some treatments, such as a facial or a pedicure. It is worth looking online to see whether there are package deals that will save you some money too.Women relaxing at spa resort


London is an exciting and lively city. If you plan to host your hen party here, it's sure to be a blast. We hope you consider some of our ideas and that they help you plan your break!

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