Unusual Hen Party Ideas

Pretty friends on a hen night at the nightclub

If you’re organising a hen party, you’re possibly feeling a bit anxious and stressed. Although initially touched and excited to be given the honour, you’re now starting to realise that arranging a memorable event for many people might be tricky.

What you need to help you calm down and boost inspiration is a go-to guide of unusual hen party ideas. We’ve put together an exciting collection of the best alternative hen do activities, so that you can create an event that rebels against the hen party institution.

With activities from inflatable sports to paranormal gatherings; we’re you’ll find a weird hen party that you all won’t forget.

Crossbows, Quad Bikes and Segways

The easiest way to keep everyone entertained is to release them into the great outdoors. Across the UK, there’s a variety of hen party packages that offer unconventional outdoor activities for you all to try something new. Archery, crossbow and even clay pigeon shooting are great ways to test your skill and mettle, or you could really inject some adrenaline into the day with a frantic quad bike race.

For sheer slapstick, group segway jaunts are a hugely popular way to see friends dramatically gyrate while trying to navigate speed and balance.

Bumping Bubbles

What better idea for an alternative hen party activity than loading yourself into a giant, inflatable ball and ricocheting off friends? This bouncing activity includes an attractive upper-body zorb suit and a selection of suitably-buoyant games, including relay races and Capture the Flag, so you can all experience life in a bubble. It’s a good stress release for brides and hen party organisers with hosts found all over the country — and you could make it even weirder by picking a theme and going in fancy dress!   

Heights and Hot Air

If you’re looking for memorable and unusual hen party ideas, but don’t want anything fast and furious, why not go hot air ballooning? From Newcastle to Cardiff, there are lots of hot air balloon rides for groups that provide spectacular views and tranquil moments away from the world.

Imagine the panoramic views as you all gently float just below the clouds where time seems to slow down. And if that doesn’t sell it to you, it’s also the ultimate selfie spot and often comes with a free champagne toast after landing.

Belly Busting Moves

Another odd hen do idea that keeps the fun of the dance floor without the sameness of a typical hen party, is belly dancing lessons! Book a class, put on your bespoke hen party t-shirts and enjoy an easygoing dance session from your professional instructor. Belly dancing is lively and entertaining with plenty of technicality to make you feel like you’ve learnt something different. This is also an ideal energy-boosting activity if you’re planning on going out for drinks afterwards.   

Rapid Revelry

Hens should stick together — and with whitewater rafting, teamwork is key. An unusual hen do idea that flies in the face of relaxing spas and shot-lined bars, whitewater rafting is the ultimate unforgettable thrill. You’ll have a great laugh working together to manoeuvre your boat over the rugged waves to avoid getting soaked! With these packages, your group is taught by an expert instructor and properly kitted out, so that you can all spin, twist and plummet across the rapids without fear.

Footwear Fun

For indoor hens, get together and create your own customised pair of shoes! Provided with crystals, glue and an experienced designer, your group can chat, laugh and sip prosecco as you create — even better if you’re heading out for the night. There are workshops all over, but you can also book a mobile service and bring it to you.

Why not dress up the room with hen party decorations to make it special for your bride?

Paranormal Activity

Another out-there activity for an unusual hen do is a clairvoyance party. Generally with this idea, an experienced clairvoyant will visit your hen group and give each person a dedicated reading into their future, which — if nothing else — is a great way to get your hens chatting if they haven't all met before. Many of us our fascinated by the unknown and will enjoy hearing about what-might-be, even if they don’t fully buy into it.  

Hopefully, something has grabbed you from this unusual hen party ideas guide. Before you go, take a look through our range of games, decorations and accessories to add some fun to your event.

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