Top 10 Gift Bag Fillers/Favors

The tradition of giving party bags or party favors is believed to of started a very long time ago. A popular thing to do among the European aristocrats. It is said that the gift or party favor was a bonbonniere a small precious boxed filled with sugar or other expensive commodities.

Party favors brings back to all of us that fuzzy feeling of when we were children and that precious bag of goodies we were given at the end of an exhausting party.

Hen party bags have really flourished these past couple of years probably influenced by the celebrities that give massive party bags full of expensive gifts. To be invited to a stars party and to be given a great big party bag full of expensive things is very exciting for a normal non celeb!

There are lots of different thing to fill up a party bag with this top 10 list hopefully it will be a little easier!

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What To Put In A Hen Party Gift Bag

It is best to choose a combination of gift bag fillers not just lots of the same thing!

Choose  a combination of:-

    • Something To Wear
    • Something To Play With
    • Something To Eat
    • Something To Pamper With


10 Most Popular Hen Party Favors 


Hope that helps remember it is also a good idea to look for offers and discounts you can even ask for lots of free beauty samples to put in the bags.

Also remember to search £1 stores and buy in bulk and split the packs.

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