The Ultimate Guide To Free Hen Party Dares

Hen parties are all about having fun, and nothing gets the fun started like some hilarious, crazy and outrageous dares. Hen party dares have become part and parcel of the whole experience, giving you all a great excuse to laugh, smile and humiliate each other, all in the name of celebrating your bride-to-be’s last weekend of freedom. Chances are you will be expecting your hen party to be on the wild side anyway, so why not get the ball rolling with these free hen party dares from Hen Party Superstore!

Whether you are the bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, mother of the bride or just one of the hens, our free hen do dares can help break the ice and set the tone for the day, evening or weekend and can easily be applied to whatever locations, venues, activities and events your party is taking part in.

Hen Party Dare Rules

The rules for our hen party dare cards are very simple – you make the rules! These dares are not necessarily about being competitive, it’s all just about having fun, so scores don’t really have to be kept, unless your group love a good competition. Here are a few of our suggestions for playing hen party dares:

Appoint a Dare Master – select one member of the group to be the Dare Master. This person then keeps hold of all the dare cards and hands them out to the hens throughout the duration of the party. If you are the Dare Master then don’t think you’re getting off lightly… you have to assign yourself dares just as much as you would anyone else.

Or, Share the Dares – sharing the dare cards allows each hen to be in control of her own destiny… kind of. Split the pack of dare cards between all the hens at the beginning of the party and then each hen gets to choose which dare they do and when. Set forfeits for anyone who doesn’t get all their dares completed, or set times when rounds of dares must be completed.

Using The Free Hen Do Dare Cards

We have created sheets of free printable hen party dare cards which allow you to customise your dares to perfectly fit your hen do and the hens involved. Simply print the free dare cards and write on the various dares. The cards could then be laminated to make sure they survive any drink spillages and can be kept as a souvenir from the hen party.


  • Down your drink
  • Down someone else’s drink
  • Buy a stranger a drink
  • Get a stranger to buy you a drink
  • Do a shot without using your hands
  • Do a body shot off somebody else
  • Let someone do a body shot off you
  • Buy a round!
  • Buy three shots and nominate strangers to take them



  • Talk to a stranger in a foreign accent
  • Order a drink in a foreign accent
  • Get a guy’s phone number
  • Get a barman’s phone number
  • Get a woman’s phone number
  • Get a guy’s business card
  • Act like you know a guy and start reminiscing with him
  • Convince someone you are famous
  • Serenade a stranger
  • Get a stranger to serenade you



  • Kiss a bald man’s head
  • Stroke a bald man’s head
  • Fake an orgasm in a crowded place
  • Feel a muscley guy’s arms
  • Feel a guy’s hairy chest
  • Get down on one knee for a stranger and propose
  • Get a stranger t propose to you
  • Blow kisses to someone across the bar



  • For the next five minutes, hens can ask you any questions and you MUST tell the truth
  • For the next ten minutes you must speak in a foreign accent
  • For the next ten minutes you must speak with a Scottish accent
  • For the next ten minutes you must remain silent



  • Swap an item of clothing with a man
  • Swap an item of clothing with a woman
  • Take your bra off without removing your top
  • Acquire a hat
  • Acquire something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.



  • Go and OWN the dance floor for the whole of the next song
  • Shout how much you love the next song – even if you don’t
  • Go and dance with a stranger
  • Slow dance on the dance floor
  • Start a conga line on the dance floor
  • Request the YMCA – if they play it you have to dance for the whole song
  • Dance on a table



  • Photobomb someone
  • Make someone take a photo of you on their camera
  • Find the Spice Boys – one sporty, one posh, one baby, one ginger – and get a photo of each.
  • Make someone believe you think they’re someone famous
  • Photo with a policeman
  • Photo with a doorman

Got any of your own great ideas for hen party dares? Let us know in the comment section below!


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