Rules for Choosing Hen Party Nicknames

While there are really no rules for the hen parties themselves, there are a few rules for choosing your hen party nicknames. Making sure you stick to these rules will ensure you end up with the very best nicknames and the happiest hen party!

1. Choose a nickname that begins with the same letter of their name. E.g. ‘Lairy Louise’.

2. If you prefer, you could choose a nickname that rhymes with their name. E.g. ‘Racy Stacy’. You could even go for something like ‘Louise the Tease’.

3. Don’t ask the girls. Come up with the names yourself!

4. Try to keep the nicknames short and sweet. They should be easy to remember, and of course short enough to fit on a T-shirt or whatever you’ve decided on.

5. Make sure you won’t offend with the chosen nickname. That being said, it’s your task, so all nicknames are your decision! It’s better to be a little risky than to be boring. Start as you mean to go on!

6. Try to make sure the nicknames are a good fit for the person.

7. Make sure you’ve spelled everything correctly - a small spelling mistake could ruin one of your souvenirs!

8. When coming up with nicknames for older members of the hen party, such as mums or even nans, it’s usually best to be subtle.

9. Get creative and be unique. You can even be rude if you like. It’s only for one night!

10. Make sure your nicknames suit the tone of your hen party. If you want a strictly classy night, you don’t want nicknames like ‘Busty Beth’.

11. Make sure the hen is going to really love her nickname. She’s the main one to keep happy. Having her hate her nickname right from the start could spoil things!

Apart from the above rules, what happens on the hen night stays on the hen night...make sure you all have fun!

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