Make Your Own Celebrity Hen Party

 Celebs aren’t just there for us to judge, they’re also excellent sources of inspiration.

When it comes to organising hen dos, many of get stumped. What to do, where to go and how to keep a gang of girls entertained is a slippery juggling act to keep up. So, why not turn to the world of show to help you get creative?

Here, we’ve put together some of the top celebrity hen parties. From what happened to where it took place, take a browse and find out how you can tailor these star-studded ideas to create your own hen party. 


Kate Moss - Festival 

If you’re looking for celebrity hen party inspiration, Kate Moss is surely one of your top ports-of-call. The legendary Topshop model made herself even more too-cool-for-school when she held her hen do at the Isle of Wight Festival. Turning up in a pink Hummer, dressed in bohemian chic fashion, and awaiting flown-in booze sounds like a great way to spend your final days of freedom. Nevermind the festival vibe and great music.


Do it yourself 

Music festivals take place throughout the year — and conveniently, so do hen dos. Check out if there are any coming up around the time you want to organise the hen party and get booked early. Make sure you have all the right camping gear, as well as plenty of booze and food to get you comfortably through the event. If you want to make it more hen party-esque, think of a fancy dress theme and kit the girls out for watching your bride-to-be’s favourite band.


Festival Celebrity Hen Party


Kim Kardashian - City Break 

Surprisingly sophisticated, Kim’s celebrity hen party took place in Paris and involved a tour of the Louvre, private Eiffel Tower party and many bottles of Veuve Cliquot. Bathed in culture and heritage, Kim showed us that the Kardashian franchise could ooze appreciation for the arts and celebrate a special event without dramatisation. Although, we feel it important to add that her previous hen party was held in Las Vegas where she received a striptease from a dwarf across the dinner table.


Do it yourself 

City break hen dos are such a good idea. There are loads of good deals out there and it means you can really make the event special somewhere your bride-to-be’s never been before. Rome, Berlin and Barcelona are good shouts for a more sophisticated do like Kim’s, which is ideal if you know your soon-to-be-bride likes sights, shopping, fine wines, and nice restaurants. If you have the cash and time-off, Michelle Keegan had her hen do in Dubai and Katy Perry did Vegas, which we heard were both fantastic. This isn’t just a holiday, though. Make sure you give your celebrity hen party that ‘hen do twist’ by packing hen party favours and personalised gift bags to thank all your girls for coming.  

Paris Celebrity Hen Party


Elton John - Nightclub and Cabaret 

OK, this is a stag party, but we couldn't leave it out. Living legend, Sir Elton John, is forever showing us how to be more fabulous. And he hasn’t let us down in the celebrity hen party category. Elton arranged his stag do in Too2Much nightclub in Soho where drinks flowed and jaws dropped as guests were entertained by a risque cabaret act, polished off by a less-choreographed striptease by Blue’s Lee Ryan.


Do it yourself 

We can’t promise you Lee, even if Blue aren’t up to much, but we can promise you a memorable hen do with this idea. Cities up and down the UK have cabaret venues that are designed for fun hen party audiences. In other words, if you wanted to deck the girls out with hen party hats, willy straws and shot glass necklaces, this is your chance. Many of these places have bars where you can spend the night drinking and having a laugh, or you can finish off the evening with a VIP reservation in a top nightclub for the true celebrity hen party feel.

Cabaret Celebrity Hen Party


Zoe Ball and Sara Cox - Pamper Sesh 

Ladettes in league with each other is surely the hallmark of an epic hen do. Take Zoe Ball and Sara Cox. These girls signed themselves off the singles market by booking a suite in Notting Hill’s indulgent Portobello Hotel. A pampering night in is not what you’d expect for two pioneers of the ladette movement, but we’re sure it was soaked in alcohol.


Do it yourself 

If you don’t fancy London, choose another spa hotel. These fun and relaxing weekends away are great for soothing your bride-to-be’s nerves just before the wedding. Although the aim is to cleanse and calm, make sure to pack a few hen party games to keep the party spirit up in the evening when you’re enjoying drinks and food.


Katie Price - Strippers and Cocktails 

Ever the stereotype, Katie Price-Andre-Reid-Hayler had a good, old-fashioned cocktails and strippers affair for her celebrity hen party. Don’t judge, it’s a classic for a reason. Pricey’s hen do was big, bad and brazen — wonder where she got the theme — with costumed strippers, a Barbie dress cake and goodie bags stashed with condoms, handcuffs and whipped cream.


Do it yourself

Male strippers have been a hen do essential for decades. You can either book a stripper to hone in on your soon-to-be-bride, or let her off the hook with front row seats to a Dreamboys or other male strip show. Just make sure the entire night is drowning in cocktails for the full Katie Price hen do effect and dress the girls appropriately in naughty nurse, cheeky convict or sexy sailor fancy dress outfits.


Blue Cocktail


Poppy Delevingne - Sleepover 

OK, Poppy Delevingne’s celebrity hen party wasn’t only a sleepover (if we had her joint bank account, we’d want more than Lambrini and pillow fights, too). This sleepover was preceded by a raucous night at the swish nightclub, Groucho, after which the gang stripped down to their overpriced lingerie and nightwear and uploaded a series of photos on Instagram.


Do it yourself 

You might not want to globalise your event quite this way, but hen party sleepovers are such a good idea. Whether it’s something to look forward to at the end of the night or you’ve arranged it as its own event, hen sleepovers are ideal for simply letting your soon-to-be bride wind down and chat with her mates. We suggest having plenty of party food, lots of wine, and a pair of personalised hen party pyjamas for everyone to make the night-in stand-out.  



Frankie Sandford - Ibiza Blowout 

Our final celebrity hen party place goes to The Saturdays’ Frankie Bridge (nee Sandford), who chose a sunshine break on Spain’s party island to mark the occasion. Before she married footballer and I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here participant, Wayne; Frankie took her gal pals to Ibiza for a weekend of nightclubs, sunbathing, pool parties, and daytime drinking. Hen parties abroad are rocketing in popularity and any hen night that involves cocktails on the sand is a winner by our standards. 

Do it yourself 

Look early enough, and you should easily find cheap flights to hot destinations in Europe. If your hens have more time to take off work, try the Canaries or really make it an unforgettable beach hen do with Miami or Mexico (like Coleen Rooney and Christina Aguilera). Put your stamp on it by decking out your suite or hotel room with hen party balloons and banners. Or book the VIP section in a bar or table in a nice restaurant and ask if you can decorate the area with hen party table decorations to make it extra special for her.


Sunbathing Celebrity Hen Party


Celebrity hen parties are a great source of inspiration for your own hen do. Don’t worry if you’re still unsure. Whatever you do, little touches like hen party accessories and decorations can easily make any event special and spectacular.

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