Make Sure The Bride To Be Has The Night Of Her Life

Make sure the bride to be has the night of her life

If you've been asked to organised your pal’s hen do, you might be feeling the pressure. There’s lots to arrange and you might not have any experience in putting together events like this. The important thing to remember is that the devil’s in the detail.

It’s important that the bride-to-be has the night of her life, so there’s no room for skimping. The great news is, there’s loads of different activities for you to choose from and by coming here to Hen Party Superstore to stock up on hen night accessories, you can get your hands on plenty of fab items to help ensure the evening goes off with a bang.

Break the ice with hen party games

No hen night is complete without some great games and these activities can also help to break the ice. This can be especially handy if there are different groups of people meeting for the first time. Whipping out some decision dice or dare cards can help get everyone involved.

We offer lots of different games, so should have just what you’re looking for. From tame versions like Fashion Table Trivia to more outrageous pursuits, like our Action Spinner Game complete with instructions like ‘Dance on a Table’ or ‘Kiss a Short Man’, there’s plenty to choose from.

Select a theme

When it comes to the hen party accessories you’ll wear for the occasion, it might be a good idea to choose a theme. This can help you achieve the best overall effect.

You can take your pick from classics like:

• Army
• Police
• Nurse
• Devil girl
• Bunny girl

There’s something about getting kitted out in fancy dress that means people really let their hair down, so ordering some garments and accessories like this could help you kick the party off in style.

Those little details make all the difference

It’s important that the hen do stands out from ordinary nights out and so as well as organising some usual activities, it’s important that you pay attention to all the small things. For instance, investing in some tiaras, boppers, wands, hats, sashes and veils is a good idea.

The great thing is, stocking up on bits and pieces like this doesn't cost much money at all. You might be surprised by how low the prices are and so you won’t have to blow your budget to make a night to remember.

Start early

If possible, it’s a good idea to start planning the events and accessories earlier rather than later. This just gives you more time to think and discuss any ideas with your fellow hens. You might have to send out lots of texts or emails to check that everyone’s on board with your plans and some people can seem to take an age to respond.

As long as you’re organised and you stock up on plenty of hen night supplies, you’ll be sure to create a great night for the bride-to-be. To see all our products, just take a look around our website.


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