How To Wear a Hen Party Tiara

Why Wear a Hen Party Tiara 

The hen party tiara is one of those hen party accessories that a bride to be can't go without, if you don't buy your hen a tiara she may feel disappointed even if she doesn't want to wear it and says she doesn't want one. It's kind of like a wife telling her husband "don't buy me anything for valentines i don't need anything" oh how much trouble he is in when he takes it literally. The hen party tiara is a staple accessory for any hen just like those dreaded L plates, but we will save those for another time.

Famous Royal Family Tiara's

Tiara's are associated with royalty and nobility .  The most valuable and largest collection of tiara's is said to belong to Queen Elizabeth II many of these are heirlooms of the Royal Family. There has never been a valuation of the royal families jewels. In 1989 there was an attempt made to price up the jewels but access was denied to the actual pieces so the jewels were valued through pictures only. Kind of makes me want to be queen no maybe just a princess, or kate Middleton!

The famous scroll tiara worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day is said to be one of the smallest in the royal collection. Check out these famous  Royal Family Tiara's. This beautiful tiara was commissioned in 1936 by the Duke of York, and was a gift for his wife Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth then gave the tiara as a gift to her daughter Princess Elizabeth on her 18th birthday.

So let your bride to be feel like a true royal princess with a tiara as a symbol of her nobility.

Top Hen Party Tiara's 

I feel like of kind of spoiled you now- sorry you can't borrow the queen's jewels or anything like that so these hen party tiara's will have to do! Although there are some beautiful tiara's to buy if you have the budget. Check out these luxury wedding tiaras'  prices start from around £40-100.

One year at Halloween I packed 60 black hen party tiara's in one morning- crazy I think I even took a photograph. 

1.The Silver Bride To Be Tiara with White Trim sold really well this year it's only £3.47 it looks fun and is cheap as chips!

2. The Bride To Be Tiara with Pink Veil sells really well too it's gives an alternative colour matches great with black hen party sashes.

3.This is a pack of  Mini Pink Hen Party Tiara's (6 in a Pack) these offer a group of hens the same style they are only £5.47 for 6 people -that's pretty good. They also have a hair slide to fit comfortable onto the head!

4. Hen Night Party Bride To Be Pink Tiara And Veil again a really pretty tiara in a nice hot pink this colour is still so popular. This tiara has a pretty delicate feel too and is only £2.97 wow!

We also offer this silver tiara Hen Night Party Bride To Be Metal Diamante Tiara at 4.97 it looks beautiful but if slightly more expensive. This tiara looks great if you want something a little prettier.

How To Wear a Hen Party Tiara

So time and time again I asked the same question by our customers how do i wear the tiara? it looks too small, we even get people trying them on and snapping them due to putting them onto the head incorrectly.

So i am going to try my best to explain how to wear a hen party tiara!

1. You first of all need to pull the veil upwards towards the front so that it is not in the way when putting on the tiara.

2. Then place the tiara on to the head like a head band, try not to force the tiara or bend the band too much.

3. Then tilt the tiara slightly at the sides towards the front to form a comfortable angle on the head.

4. Pull the veil around the head making sure it's even on both sides.

5. The tiara should feel comfortable, remember you have hair slides on the tiara to help keep it in place too.

6. You will need to bring a small amount of hair to the front especially if your hair is down so that it looks effective.

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