How To Plan The Perfect Hen Party

How to Plan the Perfect Hen Party

If you are planning a hen party for your friend then you need to make sure it’s incredibly memorable. This is the bride’s last chance to really let her hair down as a single woman, so the night has to be perfect.

Whether you’re the maid of honor, the sister, the best friend or maybe even the Mother of the bride, by following these simple tips you can’t go wrong.

Pick a Fancy Dress Theme
A hen night is all about fun, so what better way to have a good time than by dressing up? Anyone that’s ever done fancy dress will tell you how liberating dressing up can be, because you become a character. So, if you really want to let loose and embrace the evening, make sure you choose a theme that will help you get into the spirit of the occasion. There are so many hen night fancy dress outfits you can choose from, including fairy, police, nurse and army fancy dress.

Grab Some Accessories
A hen party is nothing with accessories, as the bride should be covered in L plates, sashes, tiaras, veils, bunny or devil hair bands and more. This is the bride’s and the group’s opportunity to be as over the top as possible, and as it’s the bride’s big night you should ensure that all the attention is on her.

Make a Party Bag
The party planner should do their best to ensure that the night is a success, because you will never live it down if it’s not. One way to add a touch of though and fun to the evening is by creating a party bag for each party goer.
There are so many things you can add to the party bag, including badges, whistles, boppers and so much more. However, be sure to hand them out at the start of the night so they can use their accessories throughout the night.

Bring Party Games
A hen night is nothing without party games. Whether it’s dares, truths or missions, you can guarantee that they will only add to the energy of the evening – and will create some memorable moments that the hen and her guests might or might not want to forget.
The Action Spinner game is a fantastic hen night game, as it’s a game of chance that could lead to someone pinching a guy’s bum to snogging a bald man.

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