How To Plan Stress Free Hen Party Gift Bags!

Hello everyone, so sorry it's been so long since my last blog we are officially in the wedding season! I have seen some great ideas and advice about hen parties and weddings recently and I wanted to share some valuable advice about hen party gift bags!

The giving of gifts is important and fun for everyone involved!  Hopefully with these fun tips you will be able to create a personal, fun hen party gift bag for all your hens! 

Plan Early

Time and time again we see the stress of time, not enough time! When planning a stress free hen party time is the important thing to consider. When you have the time you can create a gift bag for every girl that's more personal and more cost effective so plan early and get organizing.

Why Not Make Your Own Gift Bags

Check out this great video! I remember making some gift bags as a young girl. I was actual amazed how easy it was! You can also use any paper you have lying around, or get some lovely coordinating paper from your local art shop.

The Cheap Gift Bag

If you are not creative there are a few options. Yon can get small paper polythene/paper bags like these ones, you can also get gift boxes in lots of different shapes these square one's look great!

Cheap Ways To Fill A Party Bag

Use these helpful tips!

*Break up the packs- Look for things that come in packs that you can easily separate into each bag. Like hen party dare cards, you will get about 3 dare cards each for each girl to complete. Or split up a pack of funky emery boards or some other fun useful item.

*Visit pound shops- pound shops are full of fun items for hen party gift bags, like jokes, sweets, soaps, toiletries, makeup, stickers, nail varnish, nail art, mini shampoo's and more.

*Cheap Sweets- sweets are so cheap and easy to use as they are useful and they enable the girls to have a treat too.

*Free Stuff- There are some super websites with lots of free stuff online. Visit websites such as / / 

Personal Touch Hen Party Gift Bags

No one knows the girls like you do. You should know what little things you can add to make it special to that individual. The girly girls may like some type of beauty product, like lip gloss or nail varnish. The drinkers may like some kind of recovery kit or personalized shot glass. Then you have the active girls they may like some funky neon sweat bands that they can reuse on their fun runs!

You can also add a gorgeous touch by including something to really thank the girls like a small note or personalized cards. There are some lovely thank you cards available on www.notonthehighstreet, and etsy.

Personalized Hen Party Gift Bags

To make the gift bags that little bit more special why not personalize them with a tag or sticker. These bags looks fantastic and you can create the sticker on the computer print off as many as you like and even personalize them with individual names!

Alternatively why not buy these from, they look great and are cheap and easy to do! 

Theme Your Hen Party Gift Bags

Remember that everyone loves a theme. It can help to focus and unite everybody too. The vintage theme is hot at the moment. You may also want to choose a summer, holiday theme like Paris or Hawaiian. You could also theme your party around your bride to be around her career or her likes etc.

This emergency kit is simple and effective you could easily do something similar for a hen party! Click on the picture to find out what's included!

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