How To Create a Cheap Exciting Hen Party - Part 2

I hope you enjoyed -How To Create a Cheap Exciting Hen Party Part-1 

In this second part of my blog I will discuss-

Having the right costumes, accessories and games for your hen party is really important. After all the activities and things to do are planned you must then figure out what accessories, costumes and games you are going to need. 

Cheap Hen Party Accessories / Fancy Dress

As in the first part of this blog think personal! What accessories or costumes you choose are a very personal thing to your bride to be and will depend on your activity. There are a few different options when it comes to accessories and fancy dress costumes-


If you are going on a night out adding a theme is a great choice as it creates a sense of fun and unity in the group the full costume option is usually the most expensive.  The following ideas may help you to be able to afford it.

  • With companies such as smiffys making such low value costumes there are lots of cheap full fancy dress costumes available. From £15.00 you can get a full costume.
  • For a full costume why not look on auction websites such as ebay- you can often find a bargain -play and party are having a massive clearance sale right now most listings start from just £0.99p. You can usually find second hand costumes going for a really low price.
  • Remember to share postage costs between friends. Most companies will offer a postage discount on a larger order.


Fancy Dress Accessories - You really can create the perfect look with just fancy dress accessories.

  • Whatever your theme you can add a few accessories and a few everyday clothes to create a great look. If you're going on an adventure day for example you can buy an army hat and glasses for just £3.54 per person.
  • Remember you don't need lots of things to create a stunning look. Why not ask everybody to come in a little black dress and the bride to be to come in a bright pink dress. Then match the look with alternate colour sashes. Hen party sashes are so much cheaper now. From £1.57 you can get some great looking pink sashes.
  • Choose something small. You may want to go for something very simple and small to accessoires everybody at the hen party. Shot glasses have really hit the hen party market this last year they can be found for about 0.99p each. You can also add a mask for everybody. Packs of masks start from £1.57 these will look really striking and noticeable.
  • For your gift bags search for offers on small nail varnish or face packs. Search the reduced products or use the online offers for free stuff.
  • Everything seems to be personalized now a days remember you can create some personalized sweets label saying thank you to everybody by using a simple design program like Photoshop. 

Cheap Hen Party Games

  • There are so many free hen party games around search the web for games and print outs.
  • With every order from hen party superstore you receive a 30 page planner with printable games and a hen party oath.
  • Remember you wont need loads of games  just a few great ones. They can be created for next to nothing. Like the kiss the hunk game. You only need a poster ( printed will be cheapest) and a few lipsticks!
  • Hen party games start form just £1.97  like this pack of scratch a dare games it's a great fun choice and with six in a pack everybody can easily get involved.

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