How To Create a Cheap Exciting Hen Party!

How To Create A Successful Cheap Hen Party- Part 1 

Happy new year to all my readers! With Christmas officially over lets talk about cheap hen parties. Some hen parties can be cheap, so cheap and naff you don't want to be there! Some hen parties are expensive and utterly impressive! Did you know most hen parties  in 2013 cost £157 per person! Today i am hopefully going to help you create a cheap hen party that is fantastic and memorable!

In this blog i am going to discuss-

  • Cheap hen party activity ideas
  • Hen party vouchers and discounts

First things first you must know your bride to be! Does she like outdoors? indoors? craft? excitement? clubs? culture? or a mixture? Remember who she is and what she would want! Whatever she would like, you can create a great hen party that everybody will enjoy for a reasonable price. What you need to be is prepared and willing to search for offers and discounts and have an active imagination!

Some Cheap Hen Party Activities 

1.Old School

Old school theme! I once attended a great hen party for a teacher friend! The whole evening was based on a school fair. The fancy dress costumes were naughty school fancy dress. There was a number of school fair games ( hen party style) to go around and complete as we chatted, drank and ate the gorgeous food! We even had a fair board- the ones where someone puts there head through and they look like there on a beach! We actually had a tub of baked beans and chucked it all over the bride to be! It was December and freezing cold and we were in the garden! Was such fun, cheap, and she loved it because it was personal to her! There were some other hen party games in there like name that hunk and what the groom said! It was a great success because it was relaxed fun and totally personal to the bride to be!

With every order from hen party superstore you get a free guide with free games to print off and even a funny oath for everyone to sign.


Another great hen night activity idea that iv'e read about a lot recently is the good old sleepover. Everybody loved sleepovers as a young girl and it's so easily created. Add sexy pajamas face-packs, a hair stylist or a pampering professional (or a friend of a friend that does such a thing). Many people seem to have these shellac kits now a days where everybody can do each other acrylic nails. These can even be purchased from ebay for about £50 and then it can be given to the bride to be as a gift. Have some gorgeous food like pizza or some sort of takeout, make some cocktails too. Why not buy these cute cocktail glasses- Then put on a great film and play some naughty or funny games to torture the bride to be. A great game to play is how well do you know the bride- this really helps everybody to relax and have more fun. There are some great free hen party games online too. You can even change this into a evening and day thing by calling it a pearl and pajama hen party! This puts a classy vintage twist on the whole thing! Think vintage chic, pearls, small cucumber sandwiched and more!

3. Culture Trip

For the cultured type of girl travel into London and see some sights. Search the national rail enquirers website and look at the offers there. Why not go for the groupsave option it's technically 2 tickets for free on travel. There are also lots of 2 for 1 offers available for activities such as   Madame Tussauds,  London Aquarium and Thames Clippers.  Along with these offers find some cheap or free museums and have lunch at a gorgeous place.  Hostels and student accommodation is really cheap especially through the summer or apartment hotels are a great choice too. Remember the price is split! These often have more bedrooms and a kitchen so you can have some drinks before you go out. Stay the night and have a classy night out but watch the purse strings remember! 

Some Great Vouchers & Offers

  • As mentioned above you can get some great offers on train travel on the national rail enquirers site
  • 2 for 1 activity vouchers on sites such as days out guide
  • Follow us on twitter- there are lots of discounts and offers that come up all the time watch the hen party related posts. Follow us!
  • Look out for a 10% off voucher from henpartysuperstore this January. Spend it on hen party accessories, decorations, t-shirts or anything else you might need!
  • Once you know your city, search the web for offers on bar, clubs, travel, classes in that city. There are always offers to be found! 

In next weeks blog i am going to discuss cheap hen party games and accessories!

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