Hen Party Trends 2019

You're going to the chapel, you're going to get married, but before you start that walk down the aisle at the end of all the plans you've been making, you've got to get the party started!

Planning a hen party is usually the job of your chief bridesmaid, but some people love the idea of designing their own. It's the chance for the bride to kick back and let her hair down after months of finding a dress to say yes to, negotiating with caterers and choosing the perfect flowers. If you are planning the hen party - whether you are bride or bridesmaid - you need to take a breath. It's an overwhelming process, but it doesn't mean that you have to give in to the worry and the planning all over again. There are so many hen party trends that are going to capture your eye in 2019, but you need to think.

You may know your bride inside and out, but that doesn't mean that you're familiar with the popular hen party styles that are on offer out there. With all of this in mind, you need to grab yourself a glass of something bubbly and pay attention: here are some of the best hen party ideas for 2019!

The Place.
Some hen parties stick to the local area, hopping through all the bars and dance clubs in the vicinity until heels are broken and feet are sore. Then there are others, where travel are involved. You don't have to go abroad, as there are plenty of cities locally that you could choose from. Some of the most popular places for 2019 include:

Brighton, with the perks of the seaside along with the draw of the city lights.
Cambridge, embodying a picture perfect location with punting tours that are a must.
London, a capital indeed that caters to all and where your hen party dreams will come true.

If you don't want to travel to a new city for your 2019 hen party, then you can stay local; it's just going to be more about the activities.

The Activities.
Hen party styles in 2019 are already looking glamorous, and you need to strike the right chord so that the hen you're throwing is memorable for all the right reasons. Here are some of the popular activities for 2019:

Afternoon Tea. It doesn't have to be the Ritz, but it's classy and luxurious and can make your bride feel pampered to perfection.
Life Drawing. Getting the girls together for gin and giggles is a must, and when you throw in a life drawing class with a gentleman as the subject, it becomes the stuff of hen party legend.
Escape Rooms. So popular in 2018, this hen party trend is carrying into 2019! Perfect for smaller hen parties, you work together to solve the puzzle in your chosen room. Who's going to be the Sherlock Holmes of the group? It's the perfect way to set the tone for the night.

Whether you choose your hen party to be themed and fancy dress, or the dress code is all about feeling beautiful, you can make your 2019 hen party one to remember.

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