Hen Party Themes & Activities

Picking a Hen Night Theme/Activity

Picking the hen party theme may feel like an endless minefield, it is quite a task!

Don't panic if you have been given the mammoth responsibility of organizing one of the most memorable events of the bride to be's life you must be doing something right!

I know iv'e said it before but think personal- what does the bride to be like? horse riding, craft, teaching? does she like drinking, music, Mexican food? You can start by jotting a few things down about the bride to be. What she does with her time, her hobbies, and what she likes to do best! If it's something that she really likes things will go much smoother. You can tell people how much she will love it and why! 

Hen Party Themes / Activities

There are so many hen night themes, I have compiled a list of the top 20 current hen night themes in 2014-

  • 1920's flapper girls, gangsters, all that jazz
  • Organic, flowing dresses, organic food, mother nature
  • Craft workshops, fairy cakes, knicker making 1950's housewife
  • Vintage chic never looked sooo good
  • Mad hatters tea party, crazy, sexy, cool
  • The ultimate sleepover, add pearls and pajamas
  • Life drawing, man in the flesh
  • Make a statement stunning venues, expensive car, fine dining ohh laa laa
  • Muddy mayhem quad biking
  • Marbella Baby, sunny classic
  • Dirty dancing lessons here we come
  • Sexy red and black sleek dresses and dining
  • Hit the casino and try your luck =-)
  • Old school hip hoppity hop
  • Bouncy Burlesque lessons
  • Hit the dog racing fingers crosses
  • The party bus- pup crawl
  • Sexy salsa dancing classes
  • Cocktail making and tasting!
  • Afternoon tea anyone what what what!


Take the Quiz to find out which activity suits your hen the most!

Check out our Pinterest page to see loads of ideas for your hen party themes and activities! 

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