Hen Party Food Ideas

Hen Party Food

I have seen some great hen party ideas recently but the thing that seems to be booming right now is hen party food ideas! With the joy of pinterest growing there are endless hen party food ideas and images to inspire us and with youtube we can now have a short tuition on how to make mostly anything! Thank goodness for new technology because believe me i'm no cook especially when it comes to cakes and pastries!

There are a few very strong ideas coming through for me and i wanted to discuss them and give you some direction on how to create them for your hen party!


Hen Party Candy Buffet 

Wow what a look! This crazy sweet shop frenzy has come from america but of course there sweets are massive and out of control (i'm just jealous because their sweets aren't available here yet!). We humble English have changed the look slightly and for a hen party more pink is needed! I think are version is more classy and more vintage looking rather than Mr Willy Wonker factory shop!

Candy Buffet Ideas - Wedding Candy Buffets | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazinecandy buffet totally doing this maybe with some different cady and a little more!

If you want to go the whole hog you might want a candy cart these can      be rented from as little as £25 on ebay look for candy cart hire!  Or check out this link to hire one! You might even want to make one or create one something alike using a large background sticker cutout or table covering.

If you can't get a real cart dont even worry as you can see in both of our images a nice table with the right sweet jars looks fantastic!

At hen party superstore you can buy the scoops, the jars the sweets and even the stickers to put onto the jars. We even sell the gorgeous bags that guests can take the sweets away in. These items are all coming soon and we are so excited!

What ever your colour theme you can create something that looks perfect.

Pink, reds and whites all look superb for a hen party. Bright colours are exciting for birthday parties and more classic colours like silver and white suit weddings.


You will need-

  • Cart / table
  • Sweets
  • Jars
  • Scoops
  • Sweetie Bags
  • Labels for the jars/bags


Vintage Hen Party Tea / Food

I seem to see vintage everywhere lately in the hen party market maybe it's because i love it! If a vintage tea party is your hen party food theme then hopefully this can help and inspire you.

First of all you are going to need some china! Some pretty china or old looking china, cups, plates tea pots etc. You can get these kind of things from friends and charity shops and car boot sales. You can collect quite a lot of this kind of thing by collecting a couple of items from friends. Because of the style things don't need to match which is great!

Bunting is also very in fashion at the moment- ask your friends to borrow theirs. If not you can get a length of these from ebay. If you feel like it you can make your own too.

The wonderful thing about cakes is that you can buy them! Which is a good thing because you may need quite a few. You can even buy the bottom of the fairy cake and decorate the top so no body knows. You may want to ask everybody to bring a homemade cake and have a competition.

It is a good idea to provide a few cucumber sandwiches or strawberries too.

Things you will need-

  • China- cups, tea pots, plates,
  • Cake stands -check out these from hen party superstore
  • Cakes (bought or homemade)
  • Tea spoons
  • Decorations- bunting hen party personalized bunting coming soon to hen party superstore!

See below some of our vintage style hen party decorations!


Other Hen Party Themed Food Ideas

Some other hen party themed food may include-

  • Paris Theme- quite vintage, french style
  • Movie Night -popcorn cart, candy floss, movie stubs, popcorn pots,
  • Posh Nosh- posh food all the way appetizers, champagne and a waiter
  • PINK- Pink everything , remember you can colour your food too!
  • Mad Hatters Tea Party- Crazy tea party mix and match decorations and tableware


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