Hen Party Candy Buffet Ideas

The Americans have once again given us something big and bright and yes yummy! With the array of sweets being so different in America and the choice being so varied the candy buffet has adapted a little to the English market. The new great trend of the candy buffet settled in last year and is going to continue being a wedding and hen party favourite all year long.

The memory of a traditional sweet shop fills all of us with delight but of course it is quite a far memory and these vintage sweet shops are very far in between now a days. I remember the scene from Willy Wonker of the traditional sweet shop with all the different colour's and all the rows of  jars filled with every kind of sweet you could ever wish for. 

There are lots of  great things about having a candy buffet at your party

-No cooking time/preparation time

-Provides colour even in your colour theme

-Something different /eye-catching

-Guests especially the children will love it.

-You can save the leftovers( if there is any)

At hen party superstore we have just been able to buy a range of fantastic products, with a mix and match scheme you can literally produce any kind of effect you wish. We even sell a range of sweets to help create a great table display.

-Use different sized jars to create a varied look don't keep it too uniformed, different hights are great too

-Look out for glass jars or plastic clear colour display dishes

-Choose a different range of sweets with different colours and textures

-Add extra detail using labels and signs (you may want to include a fun message or details of the sweets)

-Add a decorative ribbon in your chosen colour theme

-Provide Scoops which are traditional and hygienic

-Provide Small bags or bowls, the small paper bag or popcorn pot is traditional and effective

Candy Table, because everybody loves sweets! Let your guests have a treat.

Candy Buffet Ideas - Wedding Candy Buffets | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

10 Ten Candy Buffet Products From Hen Party Superstore

Pink Candy Buffet Sweet Scoop Pink Candy Buffet Scoop

Candy Buffet Round Display BowlCandy Buffet Display Bowl

Pink Candy Buffet Jar Labels Candy Buffet Labels

Candy Buffet/Food Label Kit For Display BowlsCandy Buffet Labels

Flared Cylinder Candy Buffet Display BowlCandy Buffet Display Vase 

Candy Buffet Black Scoop

x10 Candy Buffet Cone Favor Sweet BagsCandy Buffet Sweetie Bags

Candy Buffet Display Ribbon 

Candy Buffet Personalized Banner

Pink Candy Buffet Display Tablecloth 

Hopefully these tips will help you create a candy buffet display that looks great, that fits in with your chosen colour theme and tastes fantastic! Remember to have fun!

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