Hen Party Balloons - Part 1

Hen Party Balloons

Balloons are a wonderful decoration. They really fill a space very easily and are the symbol for parties. Your hen party will gain greatly from some fun balloons. There are so many possibilities with balloons hopefully in this blog I will be able to discuss.

 Helium Balloons / Latex Helium Quality Balloons

There is one thing you will need to know about balloons. When I  worked in a party shop i was  amazed at the amount of people that didn't understand about helium balloons.

A helium balloon is a balloon that can float in the sky it is filled with helium gas and it will need a weight to keep it down. Helium balloons come in lots of different shapes and sizes. From very small to a massive shaped balloon like a large red heart.

  • Helium balloons also need some ribbon to tie the actually balloon to a weight. Some weights are made for a few balloons but some will only hold 1 balloon.
  • A latex normal balloon filled with helium will only stay fresh 8-10 hours fresh good condition. Helium balloons need to be done on that day. They will not last a night and a day!
  • Make sure your balloons are a foil balloon or a helium quality latex. Some normal balloons are not good enough quality to hold the helium.

Helium Quality Latex Balloons 

Foil Helium Balloons 

Normal Latex Balloons

You can get lots of normal quality latex balloons these are filled with air, they do not float, they will need either string or tape to attach them to the wall, or you can get balloons sticks. Balloons filled with air will last fresh for a few days- so they can be prepared the night before the hen party.

  • They are usually smaller in size when inflated
  • The shape isn't usually as nice
  • The quality of the balloon isn't usually s good
  • Do not float
  • Easier to fill
  • Cheaper to fill 

Remember that helium balloons can be filled with air but normal latex quality balloons can not be filled with helium. Helium particles are smaller than air so if you don't have a good quality balloon they will go flat really quick. 

Depending on your event you will need some balloons to decorate for your hen night.

Look out for next weeks blog- I will show you how to make a gorgeous hen party balloon display for your hen party table!

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