Hen Party Accessories

Hen Party Accessories

Which hen party accessories do I choose? It's an important question for any hen party organizer. Choosing the right hen party accessories can be an endless minefield. It may look like your choice is just a pit of pink and red fluff! Did you know that treads in the hen party industry change just the same as colour trends for weddings. We have seen some interesting things this year in 2013.

Five Most Popular Items In 2013


Celebrity Styles In 2013

Some trends we have seen this year are the glamorous choice, a glitzy tiara, a hot pink sash and a gorgeous dress like kim kardashian at her hen party in 2013. We have also seen the steady rise in personalized items like these sweets and cakes as seen at model Poppy Delevingne's hen party friend of Sienna Miller.


celebrity hen party 2013



Changing Hen Party Accessory Trends

There was a massive jump a few years ago in the hen party accessory market, red was the main hen party colour for a long time  but then a couple of years ago we saw a major change to  baby pink. These baby pink hen night accessories were great and had a cute girly feel, the accessories also came with a unique flashing quality everything flashed, badges, sashes, tiaras you name it, it flashed.

This year we have seen a new trend as well,  hot pink  has hit the market and is becoming more popular. The hot pink is still girly but more sexy and bold. The biggest rise we have seen this year has been hen party personalisation products. To have everything personalized at your hen party has been growing more popular all year.


Hen Party Style Predictions For 2014

We predict for 2014 that the hen party accessory market will bring out some new and exciting products for you to choose from. I think hot pink will become stronger still and be the leading colour in 2014. I also predict that the personalisation market for hen party accessories will get even better, better personalised t-shirts, more of a choice of personalised hen night sashes and more.

  • Hot Pink Main Colour/ Theme
  • More Personalized Products
  • Better Tableware/ Decorations
  • Contrasting Colour like purple

I would find it interesting to see a new colour come into play in the hen party market to maybe a purple or a contrasting colour.

Look out for all these predictions for hen parties in 2014, and happy Christmas!

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