Deluxe Hen vs. Home Hen: Reasons to stay at home

Deluxe Hen vs. Home Hen: Reasons to Stay Home

The ever-popular Hen Party, in all its glory, has become a conventional part of our feminine experience in modern day societies. Can you imagine a world without them, and how boring the whole run-up to the wedding would be?

What was once the final farewell, before the Bride-to-Be was whisked off by her new Groom, has now become a celebrated excuse to have a huge, pre-marital, girly get-together. We know that girly get-togethers don’t just end at the wedding, but the whole ‘last night of freedom’ rhetoric seems to govern the demand for such a party.

Over the years, the Hen Do has evolved from a sensible and sophisticated affair, to a wild and outrageous one. We've all seen a group of boisterous hens before, sashes on, and willy straws at hand. However, recent years have seen a rise in demand for vintage and other alternative Hen Parties, among these, the Hen Party at Home.

If you've never considered a Home Hen Party, take five just to read this. A Home Hen Party is unique, flexible, and much cheaper than most. And after all, there’s no place like home. 


Pamper Party

For many of us, the spa is our sanctuary, a home away from home, away from the bedlam of our everyday routines. Little else beats quality TLC, especially after the strain of organizing a Hen Party. But it’s the extortionate spa prices (not to mention transport expenses and other costly overheads) that put me off spa retreats. I much prefer the idea of indulging in relaxation and pamper routines at home, at a much lower cost.




Theme-ingly Beautiful

I’ve always been an advocate of themed parties. Themes just make parties more exciting, and allow you to use your imagination, from costumes, to decorations, tableware and even music.

Let’s say you’re having a Hawaiian-summer themed Hen Party. You’re a hula skirt, a Lei necklace, and a coconut bra away from the perfect costume, but costumes are just the tip of the iceberg. Get some exotic music playing, buy disposable cocktail glasses, plates and napkins, in the colours of the rainbow, and fashion your very own tropical paradise.

One slight glitch though; only a Home Hen Party truly allows you to customize your night. It’s unlikely that any venue will let you transform their decor, dictate which music they play,and so on.





 DIY Cocktail Bar

For me, cocktails are the epitome of femininity. No girly night is complete without an LBD, heels,and a frosted Martini glass. One slight problem: unless you’re an aristocrat or a WAG, a cocktail night usually constitutes sipping on one drink, two if you’re lucky, and making them last the night. These settings tend to be seriously overpriced, especially in big cities. A simple solution is to host your cocktail party at home; take £10 from each of the ten hens, giving you £100 with which to purchase drinking supplies, for a cheaper, but equally (if not more) enjoyable cocktail Hen Night at Home.







Hungry Hens

Eating out is great, but only when numbers are manageable. Hen Parties tend to involve large groups, and restaurants cannot always accommodate large groups in the way you’d like. I’d personally like a large, oval table that can seat 20. Know anywhere? Of course not.

Instead of sitting in a busy restaurant, waiting what feels like hours between courses, and often spending a fortune, you can enjoy a cute homemade buffet, filled with sweet and savoury snacks, as you sink into the cosy furniture.





Home or Away

Without being completely one-sided, the Home Hen does not come without its shortcomings. It takes creativity, determination and organisation to host a Hen Party at Home, but in my eyes, it’s definitely worth it.

Deluxe Hen vs. Home Hen? I know which kind of Hen Party I’d choose. I’d love to read about your opinions and experiences. Post your and thoughts and comments.


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