Creative Hen Party Food Ideas for an Unforgettable Hen Do

Hen Party Food Ideas

Hen party food is the heart of any good girls night. What you place on your phallic-furnished table needs to feed a gang of ladies who are going to be getting merry and need entertaining. That’s why our low-cost and creative hen party food ideas includes nibbles, drinks, games, sweets, recipes, and decorations to create an unforgettable hen party atmosphere for your bride-to-be. 

Hen Party Food

Think table

Keep the treats in the kitchen if you’re not going to give them a dressed-up seat. Make your hen party food efforts stand out with the right tableware and accessories, such as confetti, bubbles, streamers, and centrepieces. You can be as cheeky or classy as you like with this, so gauge the tone of the party and go for it.


Hen party nibbles with a twist

If you want a small selection of finger foods to prepare everyone before a big night out, make it a bit different. Hen party food is your chance to be a touch ‘off-the-wall’ with your catering, so go for pink popcorn or get your soon-to-be-bride’s face on cupcakes for everyone. Use her favourite colour to dye biscuits and cakes, or prepare a selection of mini dishes native to wherever she’s going on honeymoon to make her feel special.

Pink Popcorn


Hen party sweets galore

It’s a night of acting like unleashed schoolgirls on a field trip, so splatter your hen night with childhood memories by creating your own candy buffet. Hen party treats like these are rocketing in popularity and there are loads of sweets and chocolate you can get that have been made especially for hen events.

Line the back of your buffet table with those old-fashioned jars and pack them with traditional boiled treats. You could even buy plastic martini glasses or milk bottle jars and fill those with sweets, or just use regular serving bowls and pile them high with your bride-to-be’s old favourites. Then, grab packs of scoops and treat bags so everyone can help themselves to the dessert course of your hen party food evening.

Hen Party Sweets


Fun with fondue

While we’re on sweet treats, why not whack a chocolate fountain on the hen party food table as the centrepiece? Buy her favorite chocolate and let everyone dip banana, waffles, strawberries, marshmallows, mini muffins, mini doughnuts, and anything else you can imagine into nature’s favourite waterfall.

Only the truly skilled among us can get healthy chocolate coverage without smearing our going out gear, so make sure you provide plenty of skewers and serviettes for people to keep a safe distance. Or, just throw caution head first out the window and get a shot glass for everyone to use on it.


Hen party cakes

The focus of any buffet table; a loud and proud hen party cake can make or break you. But don’t worry, you by no means have to do it alone. Order one from your local cake shop — most only cost about £20-30 — and personalise it yourself with hen night cake toppers or a cringey photo of your bride-to-be. You can even get your own cake board and cake ribbon to really put her on show.


Hen Party Cupckaes

A spot of hen afternoon tea

If you’re searching for a more elegant version of hen party food, forage no further. Why not infuse the place with a timelessly classic hen do afternoon tea? Deck the room with vintage hen party tableware and decorations before serving up flutes of fizz and teapots filled with specialty cocktails. You could either organise a caterer to make some scones, cupcakes, and cream treats, or just grab some at a supermarket.

Hen Party Afternoon Tea


Girls who grill

Hen party food is at its easiest in summer. Hen do barbecues are laid-back and easy-going, plus you can invite everyone around during the day which means more time for hen party games and surprises. This is a relaxing alternative hen do if your soon-to-be-bride wants her older relatives to join in, and you could always combine it with a night out later.

Make sure you get hoards of plastic glasses, if you’re drinking outside, and we’d suggest laying out plenty of canapes — the iconic crisps, dips and breadsticks — just in case the grilling takes longer than expected.


Hen Party Barbecue


Wine and cheese evening

If you’re into the relaxing afternoon tea idea, but don’t want all the cream and sugar, have a wine and cheese night! There are loads of quirky cheese varieties out there — we’ve spotted a few ale and prosecco varieties — to make the event different. Get everyone to bring an obscure wine they’ve never had before and share the lot around to make a wonderfully civilised hen party for the first couple of hours.


Hen Party Wine


Food games


Thinking of food for hens is tricky, so take your mind of it with a few hen party food games. There are lots of hilarious things you can play; our personal favourites are:


  • Hen Ready Steady Cook; everyone brings an ingredient (the weirder the better) and then you have to create a dish for everyone to eat that includes every food.
  • Bake-Off; we don’t need to explain, split the hens into groups and the bride gets to taste test (and decide) the winning cake.
  • Culture Cooking; give everyone a country in secret before the hen do and ask them to bring a dish native to that country for everyone to sample. The aim of the game is to guess which country created which dish.
  • Creative cupcakes; get cupcake cases and stands, then split the hens into teams. Each side has to use icing, sweets, sprinkles, fillings, buttercream, food dye, and anything else you can think of to create the best cupcake — decided by the soon-to-be-bride.
  • Russian Roul-Egg; messy and childish, but hilarious. Hard boil ten (or more) eggs and put them in an egg box. BUT, replace one with a real, unboiled egg, before gathering the hens in a circle. Every hen then takes it in turns to pick a dare card. If she doesn’t do what’s asked, she then has to choose one of the eggs to crack against her head...


Hen Party Eggs



Hen punch

Hen party food is nothing without its partner in crime, the hen do drink. However, alcohol on tap is just what your bride-to-be is expecting, so make it interesting by creating your own punch.

Make sure they’re unashamedly lurid, either using coloured liqueurs or food dye, and throw in things like frozen berries and orange sherbert to give them a kick. You could even put in bath toys — like rubber ducks and sailing boats — with photos of the soon-to-be bride and groom stuck on them to make your punch bowls more tastefully individual to your hen do.


Hen Party Punch


A different kind of cake...

Got your hen party food sorted and just looking for the finishing touch? Try something colourfully quirky like this macaroon hen party cake. Not only does it make you look like you’ve really thought about doing something special, but all you need is a good cake display that can hold everything in place and it’s much cheaper (and less effort) than making or buying a cake of the same size.

Hen Party Macaroon Cake


Hen night cocktails


The cocktail is the staple drink of a hen. Unfortunately, it’s one of those drinks that you hate the person in front of you ordering at the bar, as they tend to take a while to mix up. So, eliminate the wait with a cocktail-making game!

Make sure there are plenty of straws, alcohol, mixers, glasses, and garnishes at the ready, and find a few weird and wonderful cocktail recipes online for your hens to make throughout the night.


Cheeky butler booking

If this hen party food business all sounds like hard work you could do without, why not alleviate some stress and effort by hiring some helpful male entertainment to assist you in serving your hen party food and drink? Companies like Bufflers and Butlers in the Buff are massively popular (as discovered in our Stripping Survey) for providing charming, good-looking, nearly-nude men who deliver an impeccable waiting service that will really help the hen night run smoothly.

Butlers in the Buff


Specialty hen milkshakes

If you want a safe alternative to punch and cocktails, treat your hens with a choice of hen party milkshakes. Check out our free hen party milkshake drinks recipes or get thinking of a few of your own that you know the bride-to-be will love. You could even try them out yourself the night before…

 Hopefully, you’re a hen party food expert now. Get more ‘food for hens’ inspiration by reading our hen party recipes or scrolling through our hen party Pinterest board for more hen party food display ideas.


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