Creating the Perfect Gift Bags

Hen party gift bags are a way to say thank you to all the hen's who attended the event, helped in the run up to the big day and of course the bride-to-be. This can be as cheap or expensive as you like. Something to consider is whether you are going to distribute the favours before of after the activities; if before then these bags can contain hints about the day ahead; a flower crown, a makeup brush,a cocktail shaker or things to wear during the day, for example a tattoo or bracelet. If the gift bags are given after the day of chaos then they can contain more edible treats, beauty bits and save the dates. Here are a few ideas on what could go inside!

Firstly, decide on the theme or style of gift bag you'd like to use. These can be paper hangover cure bags (which could contain painkillers, a bottle of water, and maybe an energy bar), personalised gift bags are lovely keep sakes (the small details never go unnoticed and the hard work will pay off I promise), or it could be as glamorous as a box or a metallic rose gold bag of special goodies ! The style and colour of the bag frames the contents so pick wisely...

Now comes the more exciting part... what goes inside!

As mentioned before, the theme and budget will guide you through the contents.
Below are some classic hen party essentials and perfect for a night out on the town. Fluffy boppers are fabulous in photos and a little keepsake if they survive the night. Straws and shot glasses are fun going from bar to bar causing as much disruption as you like... Badges show you are a squad, maintaining hen night identity. These ideas are all very affordable so a good idea if there are a large number of you for the hen party or if you've chosen to spend your budget elsewhere.

Secondly, a pretty and classy option with no sign of a willy straw. These gorgeous rose gold accessories are perfect for a more sophisticated weekend or a very colour coordinated bride. If you've chosen to have a spa weekend this is a beautiful style to combine with some beauty essentials such as a foot scrub, nail file or face mask.

A way of making these gift bags more special and go that extra mile in effort is to get items personalised. Badges, pocket mirrors, stickers and t-shirts are a brilliant way of breaking the ice and to get the giggles going from take off. Personalised items are brilliant if you are jetting off abroad, arranged an activities weekend or having a girly night out... pretty much anything!

Some other novel ideas are water transfer tattoos, bracelets, personalised pyjamas, robes and slippers.

Hopefully this post will have given you some ideas for your hen's party bags. However if you are still stuck then comment below and I'll come up with some suggestions for you!

Otherwise, good luck and have a fabulous hen party!

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