Classy Ideas for Things to do on a Hen Party

Planning your hen party is no easy feat. You have a multitude of things to consider when it comes to this job. Of course, you want to make sure that the activities suit your personality. If you happen to be a rather classy lady, you don't wish to have a wild party. Instead, you need to plan an event that suits you and your friends. You might think that it's hard to find sophisticated hen party activities, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few ideas that might just help you!


  1. Get Some Spa Treatments

Before you take those first steps down the aisle, you need to make sure that you chill out a bit. One of the best things you can do is get some spa treatments. A spa-themed party is a perfect excuse to get some much-needed pampering before your big day. You can either look up some homemade recipes for face masks etc. Alternately, you could even get an expert to help you. If you want real luxury, you could hire a beautician to come to your home and plan the party for you.

Women relaxing at spa resort 
  1. Try Flower Arranging

Are you taking care of the wedding flowers yourself? If you want an exciting activity that will also be useful, you might wish to try flower arranging. You can book a session for you and your friends. That way, you can learn how to make some beautiful designs for your event. Look for classes in your area and sign up now. You never know, you might just have a ball of a time!


  1. Vintage Hair Styling Session

Every lady wants a makeover from time to time. Before your wedding day, why not treat your best friends to a new hair style? You could have a stylist come to your home and makeover all your friends and family members. This activity is fun and relaxing. It also means that everyone will look their best when the day comes.


  1. Get Crafty!

If you love arts and crafts, there is just one way to spend your hen party. Why not make some beautiful decorations for your event? You could create some traditional British bunting or even some centrepieces. There are many different tutorials online that could help you along the way. Remember, you will need to plan each activity before the party. That way, your friends will know just what to do when they get there. Get all the craft items online if you want to save yourself some pennies.


  1. Try Yoga 

Women at a yoga class

Finally, here is a hen party idea that will help you unwind. We all know that planning a dream wedding can be stressful so why not take some time to relax? You and your friends could head off for the weekend to try yoga. If you go to a health centre, you will see that this activity is enjoyable and beneficial. Hen parties don't have to be all about drinking. In reality, there are loads of activities that are at once classy and interesting. We hope you like our ideas and that they inspire your party.

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