Celebrity Hen Parties to Look Out For in 2019

The Hen Party (or Bachelorette party as it’s known across the pond) is a time-honoured tradition and an essential part of the nuptial process. After all, what woman doesn’t deserve to celebrate her last night as a single woman before she starts a new chapter in her life? Before she settles down to enjoy a bright and happy future with her husband or wife, she’s going to want to paint the town red. Hen parties are a great leveller. Billionaires and paupers alike have them. A woman’s ideal hen party can be anything from a pampering weekend with her girls to a boozy night on the tiles. It can be lavish and opulent or low-key and low budget.

Among the legions of women who will be enjoying their hen parties in 2019 are these celebrities, and we can’t help but wonder what kind of hen parties they’ll be having…

Lady GagaLady Gaga

It must be great to be Lady Gaga right now. Riding high on the Oscar buzz surrounding her (amazing) performance in A Star Is Born and about to celebrate her marriage to fiance Christian Carino, the world really is her oyster. We can’t imagine a personality or a talent as large as Lady Gaga going small on her hen party. No doubt she and her girls will cruise some of New York’s most fashionable bars, quaffing champagne wearing dresses made of cold cuts.


Zoe Kravitz

Another musician and actress, Zoe Kravitz may be a high-powered celeb but she exudes a humble and down-to-earth nature to us. Heck, Zoe admits that she was proposed to by actor Karl Glusman in her sweatpants while slightly tipsy. With the effortless cool of a Brooklyn native and a reputation for clean living, we don’t imagine that Zoe’s hen party would be anything too raucous. Maybe a yoga retreat with some of her best gal pals would be more her scene!


Ellie Goulding

Pop Princess Ellie Goulding was proposed to by her partner, businessman Caspar Jopling this year. While we’ve been given no indication of their wedding date, it’s possible that a 2019 hen party could be on the cards. Ellie’s hen do could be a difficult one to guage. She’s always had an unassuming “girl next door” quality which leads us to believe that her ideal hen party could be something as simple as renting out a country cottage with a few of her closest friends and a fridge full of Prosecco. Then again, in a 2016 interview she implored the Guardian to “stop thinking I’m boring please”, so there may be something more raucous on the cards for her and her squad.

As Ellie herself said… Anything could happen!


Teddy Geiger

US musician Teddy Geiger is well known for her music which includes collaborations with the likes of James Blunt, DJ Snake and one direction but it’s been a huge couple of years for her. Not only did she come out as a woman in 2017 after she began transitioning some 10 years prior, she also got engaged to Canadian actress Emily Hampshire in November 2018.

Teddy has always had an uneasy relationship with her celebrity, and has kept her private life as private as possible. So, we’re not quite sure whether she’d enjoy a sedate hen party or a full blown rock star extravaganza or orgiastic indulgence.

If you’re celebrating your own hen party in 2019, let us know if you see any of these girls at the bar!

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