Best Advice About Hen Party Nicknames

Why You Should Have Hen Party Nicknames

So, you’re unsure whether to have hen party nicknames or not. It’s understandable. You might be wondering if it’ll be viewed as tacky. You might even be thinking, ‘what if one of the girls doesn’t like the name I’ve given them?’. There’s no need to panic! Hen party nicknames are a tradition that should not be broken. Many see them as a compulsory part of any hen party! They are actually much more useful than you first think.

Party Mood

Hen party nicknames are great for a number of reasons. Of course there’s the fun aspect of things; they can help to get everybody into the party mood and give everybody a good laugh. Handing out the t-shirts or vest at the start of the hen party can be so much fun, especially if you keep their nicknames a surprise!


Also, chances are some of the women in your hen party won’t know each other. The nicknames can be great icebreakers, not only between the group but when you’re out and about. They can get the ladies talking about how they acquired their names. Plus, they give the ladies a way to remember one another’s names better!

Great auntie Maureen might be rubbish with names, but she’ll be much more likely to remember ‘Sassy Sarah’ than just plain old Sarah. Right?

Classy or Funny

The names can help set the tone of your hen party too, so make sure you choose them wisely. You can have names whether you want a fun hen party or a classier do, so there’s no need to panic. You can pick a bunch of rude but hilarious names, a load of classy names, or a mixture. It all depends on what you want your do and the people you’ve invited! Whatever your tastes, there’s no question that you should include hen party nicknames in your plans. You’d be silly not to!

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