A Night to Remember: Why Have A Photo Booth

If you compare the immediacy of photo booths with the often long overdue professional photographer’s prints, it’s hardly surprising that, in recent years, people have been opting for the former. The photo booth offers immediate gratification, and leaves each of its users with a unique souvenir of the event. What really separates photo booth print outs from conventional photographs is the inclusion of props. These charismatic, fun, and outlandish fancy dress accessories bring out the child in even the most mature of individuals, making the photo booth experience suitable for all ages. You’ll often hear laughter echo from inside the booth, leaving others itching to go inside next.

 This is not to say that professional photographs are going out of fashion; official family and couples photos will always be in demand, particularly for occasions such as weddings. However, photo booths have an added dimension, in that they function as a source of entertainment at events like birthdays, proms, fundraisers, weddings, and corporate events, as well as producing hard copy printouts almost instantaneously. They are a fun and versatile addition to almost any party, and are quite justifiably becoming the next big thing.

Camera Shy? Not to Worry

The beauty of the photo booth is its perceived ‘behind closed doors’ nature, which makes users behave in a way they would not necessarily in front of a photographer. In other words, the expression ‘camera shy’ would more accurately be termed ‘camera-man shy’. In the photo booth, inhibitions are a thing of the past; you can play up to the camera without feeling silly, since there’s essentially nobody ‘watching’. Once the curtain is shut, anything can happen, and this is why the booth is a great way to involve some of the more timid guests.

To Prop, or Not to Prop?

Props are a great way of adding spontaneity to pictures, and given the diversity of props included in photo booth prop boxes, no two pictures are ever the same. Common props include oversized glasses, moustache sticks, feather boas, hats, and wigs, allowing you to let your hair down. Dressing up can be especially fun after a couple of drinks; this is when people tend to become more daring and outrageous.

 Most photo booth hires offer props, though some are known to charge extra. Depending on the nature of the event (i.e.: a fundraiser), it might be wise to minimise costs by creating your own photo booth templates. Accessories such as moustaches and lips can be fashioned from printed pieces of card stuck onto skewers or pencils; these innovative and minimalistic details will make all the difference to your event images.

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Let Your Hair Down

We’re all familiar with the old saying, ‘dance like no one’s watching’, but unless there’s alcohol involved, this sometimes proves to be easier said than done. In the photo booth, there really is no one watching; it’s just you and your friends in front of an automated camera, so the human element is well and truly removed. There’s no shying away – if you flick through some examples of photo booth snaps, you’ll see that the madness is uncontainable!

This is because photo booths are a blooper zone. Just think; there’s no editing, no previews, just instinctive and spontaneous poses, and instant printouts. Any mishaps will be caught on camera, and this somewhat comforting reality allows people to truly let their hair down and think, ‘When in Rome’.


Bringing People Together

As well as being entertaining, these booths are a fantastic ice-breaker between guests who may not be so well acquainted. After a few drinks, you’ll see old and new friends together in the booth, exchanging laughs and posing with the props, as though they’ve known each other for years. You can easily put a smile on Grandma’s face, with some old-school props which she may recognise from her childhood, such as a gentleman’s monocle, or a 50’s style wig that will transport her back to her youth.

Photo booths are great for entertaining young children, given their interactive nature. Young children love to dress up, and the props allow them to participate in some degree of role play. You could even squish mum and dad, and all of the tykes, into the booth, for a fun and alternative family portrait. The booth, in all its glory, with the privacy of the curtain, is also an attractive destination for couples, who often make regular trips to the booth for a cheeky smooch.


Snap, Stick, and Sign

After the photo booth props, the guestbook is the next best feature of the entire experience. Guests can stick their photo strips into the event guest book, leaving a personal message, depending on the nature of the event. Photo booth guest books are a contemporary twist on traditional guest sign-in books, and make cute, sentimental keepsakes, making them ideal for weddings. Even the printouts can serve as favours for the guests, and save you money, if you have a limited budget. Whether they are stand-alone favours, or an addition to other gifts, they’re great mementos of the occasion, making the whole photo booth venture money-well-spent.

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