25 Classy Hen Party Games

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Entertaining your hens is the final frontier of hen party planning. Everyone’s confirmed, the food is sorted and the drinks are chilling well in advance. All you have the think about now is how you’re going to entertain a large group of mismatched women who’ve come looking for a good time. The bride-to-be is looking for a sophisticated evening of classy hen party games and all eyes are on you.

But don’t worry. Our foolproof list of 25 Classy Hen Party Games features all the activities you need to make sure everyone has lots of fun. Take a look through for some classy inspiration and create a spectacular event that the guests will be talking about until well after the wedding…

Glass ice breaker

We thought we’d start your cultured hen do with a civilised ice-breaker game. Collect all the wine glasses and stick a one-word topic of conversation to the bottom of each glass before the guests arrive.

Kick off the party with a drinks reception where you hand out your customised glasses to everyone. As soon as someone finishes their drink, they must start a conversation using the wine glass word with the hen to their left. This is a great game for keeping everyone chatting while you’re busy preparing other activities!

Poetic hens

Ease everyone into the party and break the ice with this creatively enlightening game. Split your hens into groups and ask them to write a short poem about the bride-to-be. Everyone then stands up and delivers their verse for the bride and she chooses her winner. You can make this game more interesting by planning themes for each group, such as: what the future bride was like at school, weird facts about her, and most embarrassing thing she’s done — or something else to make sure the bride doesn't get off too easily with this one.

On the hunt

Plan this one right and it’ll go down a storm. To do a Hen Party Treasure Quest, choose a selection of wedding or hen party themed items, put them in the order of what you want the hens to find first, and then write a collection of cryptic clues for each before hiding them around the house. It’s even better if you can tailor each clue around the bride, such as: “Sarah (our bride’s name in this blog) hides her expensive vodka here when guests come round for the evening”, which then takes the hens to the previously unimportant cupboard under the sink.

You could flip this game on its head and get the bride to do the hunt alone or even hide items that make up an outfit for her to wear if you’re going out for the night. Check out our bride-to-be gifts for some novelty, hideable objects!

Balloon Questions

Another one to make your bride squirm and get all the hens on a united front is the Balloon Question game. Each hen writes a question on a piece of paper, puts it inside a balloon and inflates it. Throughout the evening, your bride-to-be chooses a balloon to pop and answers whatever question she finds. There are no limits on the line of questioning, so don’t be afraid to make your bride do a forfeit if she doesn’t answer.

If you want to get the whole group involved, why not  play our Truth or Dare Balloon Pop Game? There are different ways you can play this one, but basically, once a hen pops her balloon she must tell whatever truth or do whatever dare lies in waiting…

Memorable meetings

Put the future bride well under the spotlight with this classy hen do game. When your hen guests arrive, ask them where they each first met the bride and write their answers in a notebook (if you do it, she can’t get any clues from the handwriting). After a drink or two, get the bride to read each answer from the book and decide which hen has written it.

Alternatively, you could ask everyone to bring an object that’s significant to just them and the bride-to-be, then get her to say who brought it and why. These activities are also great ways to get your hens talking to each other, if they haven't already met.

Crazy combos

Our Wedding Absurd Comparisons game is certain to get a few belly laughs from your hen party. Basically, you have to make the weirdest combination from the game’s variety of question and answer cards. Considering these include phrases such as: “Ride and ostrich down an aisle” and “Bark at the groom”, this game can last for hours.  

Garter hot potato

A game of stealth and patience, this can entertain throughout the entire night if you want. At the start of the hen party, let all the guests know that you’ll be handing one of them a garter and that the aim of the game is to pass it to another hen without them noticing. They can slip it in their pocket, pop it under their bag or even tuck it into the back of their dress, if they so dare. The trick is to know you have it and to get rid of it undetected. By the end of the night, whoever has the garter loses — and perhaps has to pick a dare card, but that’s up to you…

Cocktail challenge

We know this is a respectable affair, but there’s always room for a classy cocktail. Before the party, write the names of various spirits, fruits and mixers on separate bits of paper and put them in different bowls. Assuming that you have all these goods at your disposal, split your hens into teams and get each one to pick from the fruit, spirit and mixer bowls. The game is to create a tasty cocktail using only the ingredients you’ve chosen, and obviously the bride gets to sample and score each creation. Why not get some special hen party glass ribbons for the occasion?

What’s that tune?

The great thing about this game is that it’s ready and waiting to be played, and you can suggest a quick round whenever there’s a lull in the conversation. Pop our Name That Song Hen Party Music Game in the middle of the table and let your hens pick out  a stick from the box at random. What you have to do, is say (or sing, but this makes it easier) the lyric written on the stick. Whoever sings the next line from the correct song wins a handful of special, hen party sweets!

Mitts and tights race

This game is really simple but always gets a lot of laughs. Buy a bunch of tights and put them in the middle of the room. Give each hen a pair of oven mitts and get everyone to form a circle around the tights. When you shout “Go”, everyone runs into the middle, grabs a pair of tights and tries their best to pull them on without removing their mitts. This so much harder than it sounds and looks hilarious — especially if there have already been a few rounds of prosecco.

Secret slogan

Similar to the garter game, this is another great activity to have secretly playing out while the evening progresses. Before the hen party, write a set of quirky phrases on small, separate pieces of paper. Hand these out to around a quarter of the hens as they arrive and tell them not to let the rest of the group know the game. What these chosen few must do, is drop their assigned phrases into the night’s conversations without attracting attention. Whoever does this the most, wins.

Easy”, you might mock. But perhaps not so much when you consider these sayings can range from: “Let me rub that for you” and “Explain this madness, madam”, to “Life’s for living” and “If the world’s press could see me now”. As a special treat, you can make the winner exempt from the next round of Hen Party Dare Dice!

Toilet fashion

Messy but fun; getting your hens to make and model their own wedding dress made out of toilet paper is a great way to up the energy. All you need is lots of tape, toilet paper and any customising bits you fancy. Split the hen party into the teams and let them loose on the rolls. Of course, the bride-to-be gets to choose the winning design.

Groom interrogation

Now, we couldn’t have a classy hen party games list without dedicating a space to the second most important person in the wedding. This He Said She Said game is ideal for testing the future bride’s knowledge of her soon-to-be husband. All you have to do, is ask the groom a set of questions before the hen party and then see how many times the bride can match his responses with her own. Perhaps more entertaining for the hens than the bride, but still a great hen party game!

Prosecco Pong

A refined twist on a popular party game, we think a round of Prosecco Pong is perfect for a classy hen do. Get your hen party pong kit ready, pour in a healthy serving of fizz, and split the group into two teams. Each person has a go at getting their ball into the opposite triangle of cups — we’d suggest determining the launch-line before the game starts to avoid arguments. Whoever successfully gets the ball into the cup wins that prosecco!

Guess the baby

Since you’ve tested her groom knowledge, you might as well see how she fares with the hens. Before the event, ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves along. Once you’ve collected them all, pin them up on the wall and get the bride to match the hen with her photo. Each time she gets it wrong, she picks another card from the dare deck.

Laughs and revelations

An absolute winner of a sophisticated hen party activity is the Ladies Night game. With 120 questions about anything and everything, you’ll soon be laughing about nearly-forgotten memories and new discoveries. This is a great way to find out something you never knew about an old friend or discover something funny and interesting about a new one. Gather around the table and let the bride take the first spin to get the game going!

Fill in the blank

Another one for the bride, this respectable game is a simple and entertaining way to get all the hens involved. Write down a series of facts about the bride — but leave one key word missing. Perhaps something like: “Sarah fell over BLANK when she was nine years old and broke her arm”, or “When she ran out of shampoo at uni, Sarah used BLANK to wash her hair.” Each hen has to then guess the blank word, and perhaps gets a wine or cocktail for a right answer…

Wine glass tower

Your hens will need steady hands for this activity. Carefully set up the wine glasses included in our Tipsy Topple game to make a pyramid and split your hens into teams. Make sure you’ve used a sturdy table as a base!

To play the game, each hen must try to remove one glass per go from the pyramid without making the whole thing come crashing down. Of course, whoever does, must carry out a forfeit from one of our Scratch a Dare cards…

Whack a piñata

Every party should have a piñata and your classy hen do is no exception. Fill our glitzy hen night party princess tiara with sweets and perhaps some miniature bottles of alcohol then get your hens to line up and take a blindfolded whack at it. You’ll be amazed at how many people miss… Once it’s broken, it’s a free-for-all scramble to get as many treats as possible before anyone else!

Hen party bingo

With our specially-adapted bingo for hen parties, this is a game that can entertain all evening whether you’re heading out or stopping in. Get some card or paper, outline 4-6 squares, and write a mix of both unlikely and probable scenarios that could happen throughout the evening in each section. You could use: ‘someone trips over a step’, ‘Sarah mentions the wedding’, ‘someone knocks over their glass’, ‘a mobile phone rings’, ‘someone orders a drink that’s out of stock’, or anything else you can think of that might happen among your hens — you know them better than us.

The first person to call “Bingo” wins! Even better, why not make it easy for yourself with our Drink & Dare Bride Bingo game? Although, this promises to be a touch more risque for your sophisticated hen party!

Ball of secrets and dares

Pick our Toss the Ball game up whenever you feel like the hen party could do with a jump-start. The rules are simple; inflate the ball and pass it to whoever you want to be the next victim. The passer gets to choose any of three cards for the catcher to respond to — ranging from bridal secrets, cringey dares, and bride and groom questions. With plenty of cards asking for act-out scenarios and previously well-guarded information, this game is as hilarious as it is enlightening…  

Real or fake?

An old favourite from childhood, why not break out this classic for a sophisticated hen party game? This ‘Truth or Lie’ activity is exactly what it says on the tin —  but, of course, with a wedding twist. All the hens must think of one lie and one truth about the bride.

Each hen announces both to the rest of the group and they all must say which statement they think is false. You can make this as cringey or as kind for your bride-to-be as you like, which we think adds an extra layer of fun to the game.

Give the bride her flowers

Another one from childhood with a classy hen do edge; make sure you get our Pin the Bouquet on the Bride game. Stick the bride poster on a wall, blindfold your hens, and let everyone have a go at placing the flowers in her hands — including you. Good, clean fun that never gets old.

Card command

This game fits in perfectly with chatty hens. To play, cut up several pieces of card (we suggest around 20 pieces) and write a command for your hens to follow. We suggest something like: ‘Don’t call people by their first name’, ‘Speed walk whenever you have to move’, and ‘Answer every question with a question’. Whoever obeys their command without anybody noticing for the longest time, wins! Although, there are probably no real winners in this game...  

Scavenger hunt

It’s coming to the end of the night, now. If your hen party is heading out, you might be worried that the group is going to break up and disperse. Never fear; this game is perfect to keep everyone together and keep the entertainment going. Break open our Scavenger Hunt game before you leave and split your hen group into teams. The mission of the night is to try and tick-off each task on your team’s card — from getting free drinks, to taking a selfie with a stag party! This Scavenger Hunt game is guaranteed to create some friendly competition until the early hours.

With even a few of these games, you can create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that makes everyone feel involved — no matter how well they know each other. Work your way through the whole list or choose your top ten to make the perfect classy hen party your sophisticated bride-to-be and her hens will enjoy.

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