15 Themed Fancy Dress Ideas To Make Your Hen Party Stand Out

Your hen party should be fun, fabulous and carefree for all invited.

If you want to make everyone feel welcome and create a night that nobody could forget; choosing a hen party fancy dress theme is the way to go. Hen do costumes will get everyone giggling from the word “go”. They’re a fun way to help you spot each other across a busy dance floor and make sure you all stick together, too.

Considering a hen night theme? We’ve put together our favourite hen party fancy dress ideas with some quick and easy costume and accessory suggestions to make sure you all look the part on the big night.

saints and sinners

Saints and Sinners

The classic hen party fancy dress option; Saints and Sinners — or even Angels and Fallen Angels — lets you put the bride-to-be in a naughty outfit and show everyone it’s her last night of freedom.

Throw on a racy black tutu and red satin gloves with a pair of jet-black feathered wings to show you're on the dark side. Or, wear a halo headband, pink angel wings and white stockings with bow-ties if you’re a saintly hen. You can even get devil and angel themed t-shirts that you can customise with your bride-to-be’s name!

Add some friendly competition to the night and let your hens choose to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ before splitting yourselves into teams. Or you could even make the bride the only saint and see how quickly you can get her to dark side...  



where's wally theme

Where's Wally

If the above hen night themes are a little too conventional for you, why not try a more puzzling look with some Where’s Wally costumes? Everyone loved these gamebooks when they were younger, so you’ve set the night up for fun and frolics by just picking it as a theme.

All you need to think about is red and white stripes with a splash of blue and you’re done. Get a wooly hat for each hen and let everyone choose between red and white leg warmers and over-the-knee socks. You can accessorise with a striped headband if you like — as long as you make sure everyone wears the iconic round, black glasses.

Get everyone looking a bit different with a mix of stripy t-shirts or vests and blue shorts or skirts. There’s no better excuse for a game of drunk hide and seek than a Where’s Wally hen do.


school girl hen party

Star Pupils

Go schoolgirl and Miss Behave in style… This is a great hen do costume for reliving your youth — especially if you’ve all been friends since school.

Since you’re all in a uniform with School Girl fancy dress, we suggest making a mix of sexy, naughty and geeky to give every hen a different part to play. Go for adjustable braces and a pair of round glasses if you’re acting the nerd, or put on a short pleated skirt with a matching messy tartan tie and over-the-knee socks to play the rebel. Finish off your costume with a straw boater hat and show the crowds you’re in this together.   

School was pretty much just one task after another, so why not get yourself right into the spirit and take some Bar Challenge Playing Cards with you to see who can get top-of-the-class for dares?



army chicks

Army chicks

A rough-and-tumble evening requires a military-standard outfit. So, get the troops together, check their camouflage and take the tank tops to the dancefloor.

Army Girl is a great hen party fancy dress idea. The outfits are comfy, the colours complement all skin tones, and the theme gives a real camaraderie, all-together spirit that is crucial for any solid hen team.

Start off by customising a personalised khaki t-shirt with your bride-to-be’s name so everyone knows who’s in charge. Team your top with an army cap, headband, and pair of camouflage leg warmers and wristbands. You can either go for a camouflage tutu skirt to make the outfit more feminine, or keep it (slightly more) professional with a pair of khaki shorts. If you really want to look the part, throw on a dog tag chain and bullet belt.



devil theme

Little devils

A spinoff of the Saints and Sinner theme; go bright red and horny with Devil Girl fancy dress. You might think more of ‘Halloween’ than ‘Hen’ with this one, but it actually makes an ideal hen night theme.

The great thing about this idea is you can play around with the colour scheme and feel like you have a licence to be as cheeky as you like.

Get the hens to choose red, pink or black out of a hat and build your devil outfit from there. Go for black sequin bows, red horn headbands, and pink wings to channel the Princess of Darkness. Just make sure everyone has a glitter devil trident and some long satin gloves to polish off the look.

You can customise a personalised top to go underneath all your accessories or simply wear a plain vest and skirt to make the bold colours stand out. 


gangster girls

Gangster girls

Getting in touch with your inner gangster girl is a good way of creating a sassy and fearless atmosphere for your evening to make sure nobody gets in the way of your good time.

Gangster Girl fancy dress is all about attitude and classic style. Begin with a Gatsby-themed t-shirt for all, then move onto accessories. You can get sequin fedora hats, 1920’s-esque black ties, burlesque stockings, and fancy cigarette holders, which look fantastic with a plain black dress and fishnet gloves.

There’s no question who the bosses are with this hen night theme.



playboy bunny

Bunny babes

Nothing says cute, classy and sexy like Bunny Girl fancy dress.

Often overlooked, it actually seems tailor-made for hen parties. Quick, simple and versatile, everyone is sure to feel comfortable getting involved with this hen night theme.

Your hens can choose from a wide variety of bunny ear headsets, which makes sure your gang head out with plenty of colour and diversity. Our ears include red, pink, black, white, and gold options, in either lace, fluffy, satin, and light-up styles!

Go naughty and pair up a red and black bunny set with fishnet gloves. Or stay sweet and wear a white sequin waistcoat with white and pink satin ears and tail.



brilliant neon

Brilliant neon

Jump straight into one of the best decades ever for fashion, disco and hairstyle: the Eighties. An age of Wham!, Live Aid, Smash Hits, and Pez sweets; this land of mulleted men and permed women is a treat for all senses.

The Neon hen party fancy dress theme is all about colour. Emphasise the Eighties with a pair of pink leg warmers, complement it with an orange tutu skirt, and finish off with a pair of green braces and yellow fishnet gloves. Go full Irene Cara with some headbands and wristbands, and make sure nobody holds back with the neon lipstick, eye dust and body paint — there are few chances for this make-up palette in life.

It’s impossible to have a dull hen night dressed like this.



cheeky convicts

Cheeky convicts

If your gang of girls want to wear black and white for the evening, why not pick an old-fashioned convict hen night theme?

This is a night for mischief and misbehaviour, so you might as well dress for the occasion. Get our personalised Hen Party Prisoner tops and make yourself a fully-fledged criminal with studded gloves and fishnet tights. Go for the classic convict look with a stripey, black and white t-shirt, striped leggings and ball-and-chain accessory. Or, make it a bit more naughty with some fluffy handcuffs.



foxy cavegirls

Foxy cavegirls

Go beyond retro with a Cave Girl outfit. Put a cheeky spin on Fred Flintstone, throw in some animal print and you’ve got a top hen party fancy dress idea.

For an unkempt look that suits this fierce era, try a customisable t-shirt that hangs off your shoulders. Go for pink or brown animal-print colour and get everything from stockings, hairbows and hats, to socks, gloves and eye masks. Throw on a bone collar to complete the outfit and you’re all ready for a wild night. 


classy cops

Classy cops
Get on the right side of law with some coquettish police hats and aviator shades.

Get on the right side of law with some flirty police hats and aviator shades. The Policewoman hen party theme gives you lots of cheeky accessories to wear and has long been a popular fancy dress idea for a girls’ night out.

This hen night theme revolves around truncheons and handcuffs. Get your checked police t-shirt and start turning yourself into a Thin Blue Line member with the epaulettes and checked scarf in our fancy dress kit. Once this is done, you can decide how naughty or traditional you want to be. Some hens love creating a sexy police officer by wearing fingerless fishnet gloves and carrying fluffy metal handcuffs. Others, prefer to loiter in line with the law and wear a traditional Panda cap and trusty truncheon.

Hens make their own rules with the policewoman fancy dress theme. 


sailor outfits

Sailor outfits

The nautical look is easy to pull off and constantly coming back in fashion, so there’s no excuse not to get on board with the Sailor Girl theme.

Get the crew together before you go anywhere and ask the best manicurist in the group to put striped sailor girl fake nails on everyone. You can go for the traditional, classy captain look with white gloves and hat, or make it easy for everyone using the sailor girl kit with hat and scarf.

Buy the bride a sailor girl garter to add some fun to the night, and make sure everyone maintains the marine motif with blue-and-white striped socks, bags, collars, and t-shirts. 




You have lots to shout about with a hen party and we can't think of any other idea that symbolises a hen’s unwavering support for her bride-to-be than the Cheerleader theme.

This hen party costume is fun, loud and proud with plenty of manoeuvrability for lifts, spins and lunges to show you’re having a good time. Wear the iconic layered tutu skirt and pair it with a pair of over-the-knee socks. Put on one of our personalised t-shirts in red or blue and match it up with a red or blue metallic whistle — also handy for picking up strays in the group when you're out.

Personalised sashes featuring hen party slogans also look particularly good with this hen night theme and is worth considering to make it extra special.

Try not to leave your pom poms on the bar, either. 


classic cowgirls

Classic cowgirls

Channel your wild frontier girl with a look that’s straightforward and incredibly fun. Cowgirls are independent and free-spirited, which is why the Cowgirl fancy dress idea is perfect for hen nights.

Get the girls to choose which stetson they like and make sure you get a special hat with a veil for the bride-to-be. You have lots of accessories to make you part of the Wild West including bandannas and frilly saloon-girl garters. We suggest kitting the hens out in jeans or denim shorts to get the cowgirl look, and make sure everyone’s got a pair of Wild West boots to add a touch of glamour to your fiery, rough-and-ready theme. 


naughty nurses

Naughty nurses

The medical-theme might seem like an odd choice at first for hen party fancy dress. Hen dos are meant to be fun, carefree and irresponsible, which is everything we hope our nurse isn’t if we’re wheeled into hospital. But take a look through our range and you’ll soon see why this is the perfect prescription for naughty fun and constant laughs.

Nurse fancy dress is sexy and cheeky with plenty of oversized props. Go for a red-and-white colour scheme (it’s tradition) and match a red top and white skirt with bold red stockings featuring a cute white cross. Your hens will almost look the real deal in one of our nurses hats, and you can even share out a selection of fancy dress gloves, syringes and stethoscopes. Just in case your audience is in any doubt of the theme. 

Don’t forget, hen party themes can be whatever you want them to be. Just give it some thought, have a browse first, and go with whatever looks and feels right for you and your hen party.

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