10 Hilarious Hen Party Cocktail Games

What’s a hen do without a drink in hand? If you want to give your hen night a classy twist but still include plenty of laughs, mingling, and alcohol; why not make a hen party cocktail theme?

Of course, there’s more to this than just laying out a load of mixers and spirits. Your night needs to be wall-to-wall cocktails, and the most entertainingly hilarious way to do this is with hen party cocktail games.

To help with your theme, we’ve listed our top ten easy-to-do games to make organising your hen night cocktail party a dream.
All you really need is the drink, so read on for the ideas.

Blue Cocktail

Fumble in the Dark


As far as hen party cocktail games go, Fumble in the Dark is always a crowd-pleaser. Basically, you blindfold a selection of your hens and guide them to a cocktail-making station filled with mixers, glasses, spirits, and garnishes. Shout out the name of a cocktail (as well-known or off-the-wall as you like) and give each hen two minutes to scrabble around for the right glass, ingredients and cocktail-making technique.

The best way to throw some tactics and competition into this game is to use bottles that are slightly different in shape and size (think of a bulky bottle of Jack Daniels compared to a slender Smirnoff). That way, any hen who knows her alcohol has a fighting chance of working out the right beverage following a quick fondle. Remember to tick off every correct choice for each hen throughout the game.

Once time is up, the winner is the hen who creates the hen night cocktail with the most ingredient matches. If it’s a tie, let the bride-to-be taste each contender for the final vote — a great way to get her merry and make sure she has a great night, too.


No-Hands Cocktails


Another hilarious entry in your hen party cocktails night is No-Hands Cocktails. This game demands teamwork and excellent co-ordination, but there’s a good chance things will get spilled and broken, so be prepared.

To set up this hen night cocktail game, pair your hens and get one to stand behind the other — make sure the hen at the back can’t see the cocktail-making station at all. Then, tie the front hen’s hands behind her back with special Hen Tape and get the girl behind to put her hands through the gap between her partner’s arms and waist.

Get your trusty stopwatch out, present each front-hen with a cocktail recipe, and start the time. The aim of the game is for the seeing-hen to scream out instructions and guide her blind-but-free-arms-partner in mixing, stirring or shaking the right drink. The first hen-team to make the correct cocktail beats the rest.

No-Hands Cocktails is hilarious, but messy. We suggest plastic glasses to save on the clear-up, and you could even make it harder by specifying a particular drinking straw that your hens need to get into each cocktail glass.  


Cocktail Creation


Are you sick of the same old cocktails? Probably not, but for the purposes of the hen night: why not birth yourself a brand new one? All you need is a good mix of spirits (vodka, rum, gin, whisky, etc.), mixers (fizzy drinks, purees, fruit juices, tonics, etc.), and finishing touches (i.e. olives, passion fruit, cherries, mint leaves, etc.) and you’re set.

Pink Cocktail with Mint Leaf

If there’s a lot of you, group up your hens and brainstorm some ideas for your new, quirky, trend-setting cocktail. There are no limits of what you can and can’t put in your cocktail, and it’s just as much about getting the right measures as it is about getting the right ingredients. However, there is one rule. Although you can of course start again, no concoction gets tossed down the sink. You slip up, you drink up.

As a result, Cocktail Creation can get messy in a completely different way than in our previous games. But hey, it’s a hen party cocktail night...


Cocktail Quiz


This takes a bit more pre-event preparation than the others, but it’s definitely worth a place in your hen night cocktail do. You can make this as intense or short’n’sweet as you like, as long as you ensure there’s a good mix of questions to keep it interesting.

Here’s a mix we made up to get you started:

  • Fill-In My Blank: show a cocktail name with a word missing and the first person to shout out the right answer gets a point.
  • What Colour Am I?: give an obscure cocktail and let the hens decide what colour they think it’ll be if your ordered it.
  • I Lost It On a Night Out: read out a cocktail ingredient list with one ingredient missing and ask your hens what it is.
  • I Forgot Who I Am and Where I Live: give the hens a list of a particular cocktail’s ingredients. They then have to decide the name of the cocktail and in which country it was created.
  • Bond Me: shout out some cocktails and let your hens guess whether you make it by shaking or stirring.


No-Bar-Queues Cocktails


It’s firing from all cylinders/fastest finger first in No-Bar-Queues Cocktails. The point of this hen do cocktail game is simple: receive your cocktail mission and accomplish it first.

Write down a variety of cocktail recipes, put them in a bowl, and let two or three of your hens pick one out each. All they have to do is beat their opponents in creating their chosen drink — following all instructions and ingredients down to the final shake or stir. The first to make their cocktail successfully, wins.

Raspberry Cocktail

Cocktail Charades


If you want to get your hens mixing and mingling, this game is a safe and reliable bet. With Cocktail Charades, you get to bring the parlour to the party — although, of course, with our signature hen night cocktail spin.

The general rules are the same — just make sure that every idea you act out is cocktail themed. Whether you’re throwing yourself around the room to act out a glass tumbler, or providing a heated portrayal of a ‘Harvey Wallbanger’; Cocktail Charades is a good laugh that hens of all ages enjoy.


Cocktail Taboo


Make sure you let the hens know about Cocktail Taboo from the very start of the night. Once everyone’s arrived, let your bride-to-be choose a cocktail-themed word, such as: mix, stir, lime, shake, glass, champagne — you get the idea.

This will be the ‘taboo’ word. If any hen utters this banned term at all during the night, she has to make a round of cocktails (chosen by the bride-to-be) for everyone. If you’ve ever played a similar game, you’ll know how hard this is and part of the fun is actually staying on high alert to make sure no hen gets away with slipping up.

Blueberry Cocktail

Cocktail Match-Up


Now’s the real test of friendship. Get your hens thinking about why you ever became mates with Cocktail Match-Up. To play this hen night cocktail game, partner everyone up and get them to create a cocktail that they think perfectly reflects their buddy.

Obviously, you’re going to get your hens to explain to the group why they chose what they did, so it’ll be fun hear who’s the glace cherry garnish and who’s the bitter lemon mixer.


Hen party cocktail board games


If you’ve left your prepping to last minute, help is here. All you need is a few board games and your hen night cocktail party will still go off with a bang.

Deal out the Hen Party Drink or Dare Coasters for your hens’ cocktail glasses as soon as they walk through the door to get the night off to a revealing start. Afterwards, why not have a round of jenga-style Tipsy Topple with some martini cocktail glass before you get too wobbly yourselves? And we suggest ending on a high by lining up your empty cocktail flutes and tumblers to play cocktail-bong! You really have no excuse with this theme.


Cocktail ‘Who Am I’


A cheeky twist on an old favourite, Cocktail ‘Who Am I’ is a great cocktail hen party game to throw in as a cooling-off session between the more ‘intense’ drinking exploits of your night.

Split your hens into separate teams and let one hen from each pick out a cocktail name. The opposing team then has to guess every ingredient in that cocktail recipe — from the spirit to the garnish. If they succeed, the team that asked the question has to mix up a batch of that cocktail for the victorious hens!


Martini Glass Cocktail

Hen party cocktail games are the staple of a funny, entertaining and memorable hen night in that everyone can enjoy.  For cocktail inspiration and some alcohol-free options (you never know), check out our hen party cocktail and hen party milkshake recipes.

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