10 Hen Party Ideas For Pregnant Brides

Arranging hen parties for pregnant brides is a mammoth task. Not only have you got to entertain the hens, but you’ve got to make absolutely sure that your bride-to-be can actually join in with whatever you’re doing.

So, how do you make your hen do fun and memorable, while not excluding or endangering the pregnant bride?

After considering safety, travel and level of physical effort; we’ve come up with ten hen parties for pregnant brides ideas that are fun, entertaining and suitable for both hens and expectant mothers.

Read on for some pregnant hen do inspiration!

1. Afternoon tea or barbecue

A classic for a reason. Afternoon tea is a simple-to-organise, all-welcoming, blissfully elegant, and terrifically easy-going event that will suit a slightly uncomfortable bride-to-be to the ground. She can sit on her throne enjoying tea and scones while having a laugh with her nearest and dearest. Just make sure you have appropriately respectable table decorations to add extra glamour.

But, perhaps this is a bit too safe — even for pregnant brides. Why not get the grill flaming, throw some drinks in a ice bucket and crack open the deck chairs for an all-day barbecue instead? The soon-to-be bride can sip alcohol-free beer and cider, and this leaves you and the hens free to have a few drinks in the sun, too. Serve your food and drink using hen party tableware to make it feel more special for her.

Doc says: “Ensure all the meat you serve the pregnant bride is well-done”.


2. Murder Mystery Night

If you’re certain she wants to get out of the house for her hen do; suggest a Murder Mystery Night. These are great fun and safe enough for pregnant brides, granted that she isn’t too easily scared.

Murder Mystery Nights take you on an eerie but hilarious crime adventure, where you play a part in a twisting plot. It’s definitely not a serious affair. The acting and script are very tongue-in-cheek, and you could even all go as a gang of 1920s’ flapper girls to get into the era.

Murder Mystery events take place in spooky buildings all over the UK, so you’ll easily find somewhere nearby. Usually, you can book up to 15 hens in one tour and these typically last for about four hours, so it should fine for a pregnant bride’s swollen feet. Plus, you almost always get a multi-course meal in the package, which will pick her energy levels up nicely.

3. Rent a cottage

Probably a good one for brides in the early pregnancy stages (you don't want a soap-style birth); take her and the hens away for a weekend in the countryside! Rent a cottage, decorate with plenty of hen party themed balloons, and simply pack your time with relaxing walks, pub lunches, film nights, and pamper sessions. You can even book a personal chef to come out and cook for you all one evening!

Getting away is ideal for pregnant brides who want to soak up every opportunity for a baby-free home before the big day.

4. Evening at the theatre

You know your bride-to-be better than us. If you think she’s after a calm, sophisticated evening; why not whisk her off to the theatre? You could enjoy a meal before or after, and have a drink or two at the interval to make sure she gets to chat to all of her hens.

Perhaps you have a different show in mind. If she’s clinging to her wild side like a fireman to his hose, get her front-row seats to a strip show. She gets a comfy seat, so it’s still a great hen party idea for pregnant brides, and you could take it up a gear with personalised hen party sashes.

5. Spa afternoon/day/weekend

Like our afternoon tea suggestion, we’ve thrown in another hen do classic. What does a (possibly) bloated, tired, restless, and uncomfortable pregnant bride want more than anything? A spa session. From facials and manicures to massages and thermal treatments, many spas offer special mother-to-be packages that you could treat her to, while you all enjoy the hot tubs, saunas and luxury sessions of your own.

Depending on how far along the pregnancy she is (or just how long she wants to be with you all), you could make this a spa weekend, day, or even afternoon. If she’s very close to the finish line, why not play it safe and book a mobile spa that comes to you?

Doc says: “Pregnant brides should avoid using hot tubs and saunas, due to the risk of dehydration and overheating”.


6. Themed night in

The big question is; how do you inject the same level of entertainment into a hen party for a pregnant bride? With a theme, of course! If you’re going for a night in, you need to organise your own fun. Start by finding out her favourite TV show, book or character and then build the whole night around it — she’ll be centre of attention without having to exert herself.

Does she love Harry Potter? Make a wizard-style scavenger hunt using questions about the book and get everyone to dress up as a witch or wizard. Obsessed with Eastenders? Decorate the room to look like the Queen Vic, serve her mocktails and alcohol-free drinks, and do a pub quiz on the soap. Watched Dirty Dancing a thousand

times? Pair up all the hens before the night and tell them they have to do a dance routine for the pregnant bride to judge before the big mock/cocktails competition!

Finish off the night with some cheeky hen party games to make sure everyone remembers what they’re celebrating!


7. Daytime activities galore

If she likes to keep busy and learn new things, a workshop is an ideal hen party idea for pregnant brides. There’s everything from nude drawing classes and shoemaking sessions, to jewellery customising and shoe decorating. (In fact, why not opt for a pottery lesson to complement her Dirty Dancing themed night in later on?)  

With child or not, she’s the bride-to-be and this is her hen do. So, make her the centre of attention with a fun photoshoot activity — including hair-styling and make-up. She can go full Demi Moore, or choose to make it all about her hen party. Either way, it’s an amazing keepsake for her to treasure.

Activity workshops take place all over and many hosts even come to you, which is convenient for heavily pregnant brides.


8. Flashy car ride

Hen parties for pregnant brides was always going to be a challenge. You want to make a fuss of her, but you’re not sure at what point she’ll need a rest. The ideal solution: luxury vehicle.

Car services up and down the country offer a great election of stretch limousines that you can book for the whole night and most firms will let you decorate your ride with party banners, too.

With a bar for the hens and spacious leather seats for her, everyone’s happy. And if this isn’t enough, tell her you’ve organised a surprise destination and whisk her off to sing at a karaoke bar or see a cabaret act! Again, she won’t have to stand around much and it’s still got that touch of ‘girls-night’ fun to make a fantastic hen night for everyone.


9. TV fun

If your pregnant bride is a diehard television fan and doesn’t mind a bit of travel; treat her to a day immersed in her favourite programmes. Shop around and you can find escorted guides and activities dedicated to TOWIE, Masterchef, Game of Thrones, Gavin and Stacey, Strictly Come Dancing, and more.

As a hen party idea for pregnant brides, we think this is a great way for everyone to have fun, while making sure she’s still centre of attention.

Doc says: “There might be some activities in these itineraries that aren’t suitable for a pregnant bride-to-be, so check before you book”.


10. Night out

We know we’ve gone on about tiredness and bloating, as well as harped on about the pregnant bride’s grumbles… But there’s actually no reason why you can’t give your bride-to-be an old-fashioned hen do night out!  

Here’s our perfect pregnant bride hen party idea:

Although she can’t experience the night like she used to, she will still have a fantastic time. (If you’ve ever watched your friends drunk, you’ll know how rewarding it can be.) The cards will keep the laughs rolling and you could even hire a ‘Butler in the Buff’ to make it a classically ‘cheeky and cheerful’ hen night.

For more ideas to make your hen party special for your pregnant bride, check out our hen do themes, partyware decorations and personalised products.  

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