10 Clean Hen Party Games for At Home

girls having a hen night at homeHosting a hen party at home can be an awful lot of fun. Of course, if you want to enjoy your evening, you will need to plan some games. You can find loads of hen party games online, but some verge on the crude side of things. If you have a variety of age ranges coming to your event, all you want is some good, clean fun! We have news for you. Games don't have to be dirty to be exciting. There are many things you can do that will suit everyone in your group. Remember, it is always worth planning these things in advance.


Never fear, if you hope to play things that are at once clean and enjoyable, we have got just the games for you. From arts and crafts challenges to quizzes, we've taken a look at some of the best ideas for your party. If you need a little inspiration, you have come to the right place. Here are just ten clean hen party games that you might want to consider.


Scavenger Hunt


This game is perhaps one of the easiest to plan, and it can also be a lot of fun. You can either put things around the house or just make a list of stuff you know you already have. When your guests arrive, you need to split them into two teams. Each team gets a bag to put their 'treasure' in and a list of things they need to get. If you want to take part in the game yourself, you should print a list from the internet, rather than writing it. The list can include anything from kitchen forks to pillowcases. It should include things that you can find around an average home.


Both teams will get the same amount of time to search for the items. Whichever team has the most items in their bag at the end of the game, wins. You should make sure that there is a prize for the winning group. You can get sweets or maybe even some drinks as the prizes for this game.


Pop Quiz: the Groom


So, the bride is about to wed the man of her dreams, but how well does she know him? Before the party, you will need to have a chat with the groom and find out some secrets. For example, you may ask him whether he has ever had a piercing or if he has been to America. These things are things that the bride should already know since she plans to spend the rest of her life with him. 

Use the answers to create questions for the bride. When the party starts, you can spring this game on her. Ask her a series of questions about the groom and see how many she gets right!


Wedding Dress Task


Now, it's time to get crafty! If you want to play a fun game that everyone will adore, look no further. For this game, you will need a lot of toilet roll. Get people to pair up for this task. Once they have done so, you need to give each couple a toilet roll and some tape.


Tell each pair to create a wedding dress from these items. One of them will need to act as the model while the other will need to be the fashion designer. You will need to set a time limit for this game (ten minutes should do it). One person will have to judge all the dresses at the end. Whoever has created the most elegant and stylish toilet paper dress, wins a prize. Remember to take loads of photos - you will not want to forget this game.


Who am I?


This game is a classic, and it's always an excellent way to break the ice. To play, you will need some pens, some post-its and your imagination. You should sit in a circle when you play this game so that everyone can see one another. Write different celebrity names on each of the post-it notes. Next, get everyone to stick them to their forehead. Make sure that no one sees who they are, or it will ruin the game!


Now comes the fun part. Each of you needs to take it in turns when it comes to asking questions. You can only ask questions that have 'yes'  or 'no' answers. The first one to guess who their celebrity is will win a prize. You should keep playing this game until everyone guesses who they are. If someone is having trouble with their answer, you can even give them a few extra hints.


Forbidden Words


If you're in it for the long game, this idea is an excellent one. Forbidden Words can last for an entire party, and can be a challenge as the evening goes on late into the night. At the start of the event, you need to let people know what the forbidden words are. We suggest words that you a likely to say lots. For example, you might want to choose 'wedding,' 'bride' and 'groom.' No one can say these words at any point during the evening. If they slip up and say them, they will have to pay the price of doing so.


Before the party, you should find something ugly that the loser has to wear. For example, you could get a silly hat or maybe a mask. When someone utters one of the forbidden words, they will need to wear that item. They have to keep the thing on until someone else says the word. Alternately, you could make people do a dare whenever they say one of the words. This game can be a whole lot of fun, especially when people try to avoid saying the key phrases.


Murder Mystery


Murder Mystery parties are always a blast so why not turn this hen party into one? If you want to play this game, you will need to find an appropriate one online. There are many places where you can print off games for parties just like this one. When you print off the instructions, they will have a mystery scenario on them. They will also include some character descriptions. Each person will play a role in the mystery game, and the murderer will know who they are from the start. Throughout the evening, you will all question each other in a bid to find out who the culprit is. If you want to make this game extra fun, you could all dress up as your characters too.


Advice for the Bride


When people get wed, they need all the help they can get. The bride is about to start a new chapter in her life, and so she needs the support of the people around her. For this task, you will need a suggestion box (you can make this at home), some pens and some paper. Tell everyone at the party to write down a piece of advice and pop it in the box. It doesn't matter when they do so, as long as they do it before the end of the night. Before the party finishes, the bride will go through the box and read out all the pieces of advice. She then has to guess who wrote what.


Pass the Parcel


No party is complete without a quick game of Pass the Parcel. We all remember this game from our childhoods, but it still bears up when you play it now. One of you will need to create the parcel before the party. You should include prizes in each layer of wrapping paper. You should also get one main prize for the centre of the package. Remember, this game is for adults, not children, so you need to choose the right gifts. You could put something fun in each of the layers, such as a note with a dare on it or maybe a challenge. If you want to be nice to the group, though, you might want to include cute gifts like bracelets or lipsticks.


Once you have created the parcel, it's time for the fun to begin. You will need to appoint someone to be the music controller. They can stop and start the music whenever they want. (If you want to make sure everyone gets a turn, you can swap this duty between goes.) When the music plays, pass the parcel around the circle. When it stops, whoever has the package will need to unwrap one layer of paper.


That's What He Said


Again, you will need to have a sneaky talk with the groom before the party to pull this off. You need to write down some quotes from the bride's husband-to-be on a piece of paper. Next, add a few fake quotes that are funny. You will need to read out everything on the paper while the bride guesses which quotes are real and which are fake. This game can be a lot of fun, especially when the bride gets the answers wrong. 

The Taste Test 

Here's an excuse to stuff yourself full of cake and other sweet treats. Before the party starts, ask everyone to bring something tasty to the event. Tell people that they can bring anything from a Victorian sponge cake to a box of chocolates. You can set up a corner for all these tasty things as people arrive. You will need a blindfold to play this game. Each person has to take it in turns to wear the blindfold and taste a few things from the table. They need to guess what they have tasted. It will surprise you to see how bad people are at identifying tastes when they can't see a thing!


What do you think of our game ideas? We hope that they inspire you to have some clean fun at your hen party!

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